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    Stepping through the debugger in chrome on sencha fiddle with Ext JS :

    For datefield getSubmitValue returns '', Timefield returns null. When null is returned as the value it is not...
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    Happy New Year!
  3. Did a quick search on my email from Sencha. In my opinion these support existing customers.

    Maybe you want more of the Best Practices webinars?

    Webinar: What's New in Ext JS 5.1
    Webinar: Want...
  4. As I recall, Abe Elias used to answer some non-technical questions in the forum. I believe one response was after he left the company.
  5. Is displaying okay for me in IE9. Works in the forum or opened in fiddle. I opened the dev tools after it wworked to display the browser info. The browser version is 9.0.8112.16421, update version...
  6. The view controller has a reference to the view where the controller is specified. That is what getView() returns. Code taken from source linked from API.

    getView: function() {
  7. Did you try getView() ?

    var windowX = this.getView();
  8. I see the behavior you describe with the 4.2.3 theme example DateField. On my local server the DateField month/year picker works okay on 4.2.1.
  9. What are you doing with the form to display it?

    I threw your code into a fiddle and made 2 changes. Displayed okay in chrome 26/IE 9 with Ext JS 4.2.1.

    1. Added renderTo
    2. commented the url...
  10. Month/year picker works okay for me on the theme viewer. I tried it on my local server with 4.2.1. On Chrome 26 and IE 9.

    Does the theme viewer picker work for you (bottom left widget)? What...
  11. Brett, I am not sure I am following what you were looking for, but Ext JS 5.x has data binding. That might do what you are looking for.
  12. As I recall, the form submit calls success/failure handler based on success: true/false. Ajax.request uses the request's response code and not success: true/false to determine which handler to call....
  13. Looks like you were oh so close. There is no magic about the custom prop.

    I changed the looked up field to xfield to distinguish between the field you are going to hide/show and the field that had...
  14. I don't see that the selection model is configured for MULTI in that example.
  15. Mark, are you still working on this?

    Did you look for a proxy on a model? Put some breakpoints in the Store code? Look at what stores are registered?

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    The summary feature has the view look it up in one of its functions using view.findFeature('summary');

    renderTFoot: function(values, out) {
    var view = values.view,
    me =...
  17. Looks like this example uses records = this.getView().getChecked()
  18. Can you reproduce the problem in a fiddle?
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  20. You tried exactly what solution that I suggested?

    A fiddle like slemmon suggested could help.

    Is your requirement to bind a new store? Are you able to call load() (rather than loadData or...
  21. I tried the itemselector code in the bug report FIXED as EXTJS-5949, and it seemed to work okay for me with 4.2.1. In this case the store already has the data loaded when it is bound. So it looks...
  22. Or use an array reader, see code below. If you change to use a model instead of specifying fields on the store, it will help with migration to ExtJS 5.x.

    var mystore = new{
  23. Sticky thread in this forum Answered/Unanswered says
  24. Looking at source available from API!/api/Ext.util.TaskRunner, those are set using

    console.log( );
    console.log( new...
  25. I don't see that any of your fields have a value. I added value: 'hello' on source and I get the value from getValue in console running on Chrome in a sencha fiddle (fiddle dot sencha dot com).

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