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    Just to let you know it is only with firefox 3 that this problem occurs. works perfectly in firefox 2.

    Cheers any help would be appreciated
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    Hi guys i am having a problem where when i put a multiline text field into an ext dialog box and implement tinymce on it, in firefox everything shows fine but wont allow me to enter text into the...
  5. Thanks worked great :)
  6. Hi wondering if anyone can give me insight into my problem. I have Ext tabs and on page load i want to change the active tab to being the one that i am currently on rather than jumping back to the...
  7. Anyone for any help with my problem yet?
  8. sorry the error is in 1.01 and i can post a bigger screen shot if you like but i think its pretty clear that its just the image thats moved to the left.

    and yes probably should move the post
  9. Hi sorry made a mistake it is Ext 1.01 i am using for this project. sorry:">
  10. Ok here is the pic any help would be great
  11. hi the sample code is as follows and it is 2.0.2 i am using

    var convertDll=function(){
    var combo = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    type Ahead:true,
  12. sorry image would not attach will try in a while
  13. Ext 2.0
    Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 2.0
    Windows Xp

    and here is a screen shot to illustrate the difference.

    Hope this is enough info to give me an idea of why this is happening
  14. Hi just wondered if anyone could help me a little. I have a search page which only shows some of my search criteria fields. The rest of the fields are hidden in an advanced menu which expands when...
  15. Hi i have just added a EXT drop down list onto a page and i have noticed that it works perferectly in Internet explorer however when i open the page in firefox the click down arrow jumps to the left...
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