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  1. data not rendering

    I've modified the code to remove the autoload & added the listener.. But box never renders it's data.

    I can see the XML being returned.. but no errors. I'll work on chaining the combos together...
  2. XMLStore Combobox loading problems? passing a dependent ID?

    I have the following combo that I'd like to get working. Currently it invokes the query but does not render any results .. just see 'loading' -- How can I pass an ID into this combobox from another...
  3. The aozimer


    I have the following.. I see the query get invoked and I return XML .. but nothing ever renders in the combo.. I just see loading..

    Is is possible to pass an ID to this URL from another...
  4. XML Searching in 3.x? something like livesearch?

    I have some XML coming from a remote server that I need to implement in a filtered/searchable way for a web form. I saw the extJS livesearch api that would work nicely but I'm a version behind in...
  5. Thread: Problem with

    by pschramm

    Problem with

    I have 2 grids where the pagination controls have flipped.. The toolbar definitions seem the same though? Code below.. Any help is appreciated!


    tbar: new Ext.PagingToolbar({
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