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    I can confirm GWTTestCase works properly with GWT 2.6 and GXT 3.1.0b.

    Thank you Mike B for your answer. I could not reply earlier as I had not tried with the new versions until now. I...
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    Hi, I am experiencing this problem using:
    GXT 3.0.1
    GWT 2.5.0
    I tried the workaround proposed in this thread for GWT 2.4.0 (adding -user and -dev GWT dependencies) but it did not worked for me....
  3. Hi Sencha dev Team,

    I have upgraded to GXT 3.0.4 because in theory the bug EXTGWT-2738 is fixed in this version, but it is not. It is not working.
    I found this bug some months ago and Collin...
  4. Thanks Collin, I installed the library manually with mvn install:install-file... and it worked.

    However, I need to ask for your help with something i think it might be an issue with GXT 3.0.3 (In...
  5. Hi,

    I upgraded my project o GXT 3.0.3 downloading the release zip file from my support account but my Maven project build fails because the parent dependency it is not found:

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