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    Does anyone know if there are plans for a extJs 4.x supported mif?

  2. Here's my code:
    var custRecord = new[{
    name: 'AccountNumber',
    mapping: 'AccountNumber'
  3. My grid is working great. It's when I load another jsonStore based on the record clicked in the grid. This new store is to populate a form. My guess is that there is a better way to populate a form...
  4. I'm running on a local dev box, but that shouldn't matter. My json is properly being sent to the client. I can access the data this way: records.reader.GetCustomerResult.Name
    I would prefer to be...
  5. I am new to extJS and just working my through some examples. I have a grid loaded with data from my web service and now i'm trying to pull data based on the rowSelect of the grid. I'm successfully...
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