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  1. Hi Mitchel,
    good idea, Done it.

  2. Hi droessner,
    that was the cause of the problem.
    thanks a lot
  3. I have a border layout with a panel including to buttons in the north panel. it seams, that the panel with the two buttons has a top value of 0 and overwriting the top borderline in the north panel,...
  4. Hi,
    I have a border layout and I cannot get rid of the top border in the north panel.
    I have a panel with two buttons in the north area. It seams, that the panel with the two buttons has a top...
  5. HI,
    I have a grid, where tooltips should be displayed on certain columns based on the css class assign to the grid cell.
    It works fine under Chrome, but the tooltips are not showing up under FF...
  6. Hi all,

    I solved the problem. it actually was based on the fact, that the

    call return all fields as text fields, and the subsequent routines tried to parse the date value...
  7. HI, I use a form and try to store the values of a form into a store with a model using the blow code.

    record = form.getRecord(),
    values = form.getValues();
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