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  1. If I'm passing your way I'll drop off a basket of Pilgrim's Choice finest! :)
  2. Salakar,

    You legend!

    That worked straight away!!! Man - you've just saved me many more hours of annoyance. My thanks to you!

    The folder that was given in the support case was
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    Yes unfortunately it went bye-bye in Architect 3.

    We never 'hand-wrote' ExtJs code so we do all our development in Architect.

    Not sure why the drag-drop stopped working but we should push...
  4. I've been using the ExtJS Portal example since Architect 2.

    It upgraded OK to Architect 3 although the drag-drop functionality for the panels disappeared.

    When I eventually upgraded to Build...
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    I'd be interested in getting this working again. In SA2 the drag/drop functionality as per the portal example worked very well - it's what sold the framework to us initially.

    Loosing this in SA3...
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    Will it work with google maps? Just noticed a Sencha Touch app I had stopped working on iOS.
    Will the touch google map object in sencha architect continue to work with iOS 7?
  7. Just spent 2 hours trying to debug assuming I'd done something wrong but turns out the CDN was changed without a new version being properly deployed.

    That's dodgey as hell. One wonders how...
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    Im evalauting sencha architect.

    A big problem I hit is the lack of documentation/examples. Most of the examples relate to older version of the software, e.g. in an action column handler, architect...
  9. I am evaluating sencha architect, have hit a speedbump here - I have a login view, with a click event calling a jsp page which passes back a success or failure json message.

    That all works fine -...
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