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    Long time Sencha Touch / Architect user. First impressions of the VS plugin.

    Installed Visual Studio 2015
    Downloaded latest cmd
    Downloaded latest Ext JS
    Installed Sencha Plugin
  2. i need to get approval if it's happening in Nov.. you don't need to give an exact date... just a 'yes' it's happening.... if it's happening.
  3. Thanks, Aaron. Forgot all about that site. At some point you guys should consider integrating this within architect. You already know who we are after logging in and you know what license we're...
  4. same problem as OP. We own sencha complete. In architect when i switch the licensing to complete I'm prompted to choose a path to the framework. I've been using whatever version of the framework...
  5. It's becoming clear that this is all about licensing and nothing to do specifically with my environment.

    We are sencha complete licensed. When i select complete in the framework settings of...
  6. I'm hitting the same problem. Using the latest version of Architect. New sencha touch blank project. Dropped a line graph in a container and hit build. I get the same missing...
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    keep in mind, you don't always have to consume models via stores. a typical project of mine will consist of repository models, data models and entity models... all based on the repository pattern. ...
  8. this notice will only effect the way you package cordova apps... meaning .. how you target the ios7 sdk within Xcode. hope that helps.

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    same here, says trial expired so i click on switch user, it confirms i am who i say i am but says trial still expired. this has been an on again off again problem with architect for a very long...
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    Of course. I suggest you read the docs and go through the Architect samples before doing anything else. Most of your questions will be answered.
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    I typically post data via Ext.Ajax.
  12. The next architect 3 release (currently in beta) will let you disable cmd. More importantly though, the next update fixes the problem that generates all that extra code that was not needed. hope...
  13. are you sure the container is the problem... i think it could be the image. make sure your container is set to fit and your image is set to stretch.
  14. He is correct... use one viewport ... switch container views in/out of that viewport.
  15. Correct, no IDE is needed to build Sencha Touch applications.
  16. Architect is targeted at building the front end of your application. Typically (but not always) your application (built with Architect) will hit web services residing on your...
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    I've been waiting for the opportunity to use Sencha.IO and that time is now... but .... it looks like most if not all references to IO on the sencha site have been removed. The last thing I heard...
  18. I've experienced the same issue.. happened with SA 2.x as well. I believe hitting 'build' removed the editor slowdown. JB
  19. +1
  20. I like the idea but caution any decision when it comes to changing defaults.
  21. If I had ten fields on a form and wanted my controller action to fire when three of them blurred, I would add an attribute to those three fields I want to 'lowercase' and add that attribute to the...
  22. Sounds like you might be looking for component queries that trigger off of the type (textfield) vs a specific component (firstName). So, instead of a query that looks like this (.main #myTextField)...
  23. long-running request by the community. clutter effects efficiency.
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    +1. I use an external editor to search across project files then edit back in Architect. Effects efficiency.
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    probably belongs in the Architect 3 Bugs forum esp. if you can repeatadly cause architect to crash ....
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