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  1. Done in Chrome:

    Works by removing the height-style
  2. The following code (Ext.form.field.TextArea) effectively kills vertical auto-grow by force-setting the height of the textarea input element to growMin, while the enclosing component still does grow....
  3. Here it is and solved:

    The goal is to always start editing on hitting Enter, no matter where the current cell focus is.

    Basically a timing issue due to...
  4. This method hangs in extjs 5.1.2 when navigating with keys and hitting Enter

    onKeyEnter: function(keyEvent) {
    if ( != null) {
  5. Gary, did you miss the update?
  6. See
  7. initDraggable() is called in Ext.Component.onBoxReady, however when setting draggable on a form field this is never initialized because form fields don't fire boxready.

    To fix, an override for...
  8. Just type a lot of "W" without hitting enter. The text wraps at the end of the line, but the textarea only grows when entering linebreaks. Wrapped text is not measured as a new line.
    As tested on...
  9. Extjs 4 & 5 don't auto-grow when text is wrapped automatically due to limited width.

    Is this intended?

    Any solution to make a textarea grow with linebreaks and wrapped text?...
  10. Seems fixed in ext 5
  11. Damn, I'm running into the same issue in v4.2.3 and this bug report is from Oct 2013!

    Any news? Workarounds?
  12. has this check:

    nativeBinaryPostSupport: function() { return Ext.isChrome || (Ext.isSafari && Ext.isDefined(window.Uint8Array)) || ...
  13. Still not fixed in Ext 4.2.3
  14. When clicking on the value for property "value", the other editors stop working. This is only the case for lowercase "value".

    Same issue for all recent Ext.js versions 4 & 5

    Is this a forbidden...
  15. I know this question has been asked many times before, but I can't find a working solution.
    All I want is to add an external js (Lawnchair.js in this case) to the final app.js and load it to make it...
  16. +1 Another thing: I get different file encodings when switching between Mac and Windows, resulting in a lot of files showing up in source control (mostly generated images in the resources folder)....
  17. Ext.grid.CellEditor has a new method in 4.2.3 called onViewRefresh. This tries to read this.field.column.sorting, however field.column is never set.

    This override hopefully fixes the issue:

  18. Same problem here. The correct workaround however is

    beforecellclick: function(view, td, cellIndex) {
    if (cellIndex > 0) return false;

    where you check the cellIndex for...
  19. When using the built-in server for one app, then generating a new app, the server breaks on the old app.
    I get an Ext error

    Uncaught Error: The following classes are not declared even if their...
  20. Analog to "EXTJSIV-8280 Ext.dom.Helper.insertHtml fails in native Windows 8 app", there is another operation that makes grids fail in Windows 8:

    Ext.view.Table.updateColumns has a line
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    As it turns out it's necessary to load the class Ext.form.field.File and not Ext.form.field.FileButton, even though the css class is used on the FileButton, not the FileField.Seems strange when...
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    Right, that's what I thought it should be like. Still not working, even in a fresh test scenario. Here the steps to follow through:

    1. So I generate a new app using sencha app generate...
    2. I...
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    New app. Just type sencha app generate & sencha app build and that class will he missing.
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    It was a fresh app using the latest versions.

    Starting a new template app with cmd not regarding my setup, the class would be still missing.
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