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  1. Ok. here's the problem. Actually it has nothing to do with tables.

    Indeed, as suzuki1100nz said, it has to do with a "destroied" object.
    indeed, here's the situation.

    suppose you have...
  2. Hi, thanks for the answer. this is my version. I'm using sencha architect.

    Sencha Architect version:
    channel: 3.0.1-stable
    framework: Ext JS 4.2.x
  3. Hello,

    I don't know if this is a bug or just a mistake while coding, but i'm quite sure that is a extjs bug. this is what happen:
    if i double click on a row of a table i get this error:

  4. I erased and recreated the object in sencha architect.
    I re-inserted the viewConfig and now it's working.
  5. no. deleting manually such lines makes sencha architect to recreate them once you reload.

    any idea how i could erase such lines?
  6. You're totally right. The viewConfig is overwritten.

    you know where? just some few lines under.
    Indeed now that i erased my viewConfig, i've found, while looking at the code, this:

  7. Hi,
    sorry for my late answer. actually i have been very busy.

    well, i don't understand quite well yout question, sorry.

    I'm using sencha architect and my "viewconfig" has been inserted on the...
  8. Hello,

    time ago i was searching how to differenciate every single line in a grid view according to some values in the record.

    So, i found a lot of helps in this forum and in some other web...
  9. That's right.
    It was passed as a string.

  10. Hello,

    i have a combobox in a form. The combobox is attached to a store which holds some elements. The elements are pair of kind "id", "name".

    Hence i defined my combobox in such way

  11. Hello,

    i'm wondering how to show/hide a panel dinamically.
    This is what's happening.
    My client receives a json string in which there's a flag. true or false.

    hence, i tried to do something...
  12. Thanks for the support.
    Actually, it doesn't work and i can't understand why.

    I took a look at your code and test it on the "preview" tab and it seems to work well. It's clear.

    But it does not...
  13. Hello,

    i have a field set and i'd like to change its background color.
    I defined in a css the following item

    .noteopen {
    background-color: #ffe2e2; !important
    color: #900;
  14. I have solve the problem. Here's the complete solution for those who will have the same problem.

    You will see different kind of columns. That's just because in my case i needed some checkbox...
  15. Hello i'm using sencha architect.
    What i'd like to do (and i still don't understand why it's not working) is to retrieve a JSON message, create an ad-hoc store and then create a grid connected to...
  16. Oh!
    Great idea. I didn't think about it.
    Actually this is all what i need, indeed.

    Thank you so much for the suggestion.
  17. Hello,

    I have some panels that i insert in a layer having accordion layout.
    What i would like is to execute some code on the panel that is expand.

    This is what i do

  18. Actually my server answers me with a message like

    id: 1
    list: [{id: 1234,
    something1: foo ,
    something2: foo
  19. Thanks for the answer.

    Btw, i still don't understand why it should add an empty model. I mean, the store uses a model, let's called, foo.
    foo is defined to have three fields. "id", "something1"...
  20. Hello,

    i'd like to understand.
    I have a store and i have a server which sends me the value to fill the store written in a JSON format.

    what i do is store.add(jsonstringlist);

    This works...
  21. Hello,

    Here's my problem. I receive from the server a message of such shape

    id: 2,
    description: "nicenice",
    idCustomer: 1,
    products: [{
  22. Hello to everybody.

    I'd like to load dinamically a image. Right now i am able to do in the following way

    Ext.get('myimg').dom.src = 'mypath';

    Btw this solution (even if it works!) seems...
  23. Hi, thanks for the answer.
    Could you explain me better how could i do that?

    I didn't understand when you said Process Config function.
    Something like?
  24. Hello,

    I'm using Sencha architect. I have a JSON Store with reader and writer.
    For flexibility i would like to define the 'url' pointing to an external variable with contains the real value....
  25. I agree with you. actually it seems the best solution. Indeed, just with this solution i'm sure that all the variable are initialized when i need them.

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