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  1. Add triggerAction: 'all' to the combo config. This will enable to combo box to show all values when the drop down is opened.
  2. Here is a version of Saki's FileTree Panel for ExtJS 3.x.

    Here is the java backend code:
  3. The UX have some problems with 3.x. I did some digging and fixed the extension for 3.x. Tested it with the latest ExtJS version and seem to work ok. Here is the client code with a sample:
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    Does the messageProperty in the JsonReader do anything automatically in the GridPanel e.g., show it in the toolbar , is there a config that needs to be set to switch this on?

    or do the coder have...
  5. What kind of layout are you trying to achieve? Can you show it here.
  6. You have a colon missing.


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    Unfortunately, the textfield/textarea in the Prompt box are not Ext.form.TextField and TextArea, they are regular input and textarea fields. The downside of this is that you can't pass validation...
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    1. Try setting "selectOnFocus" to true, and use value when you create combo.

    2. You can do this:

    var store = combo.getStore();
    var value = combo.getValue();
    var rec =...
  9. You can't really move a panel (which is a component) between normal HTML nodes. You need a container to do that. Transform your divs to containers.

    var container1 = Ext.Container({
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    Read the documentation. I have added the excerpt here.

    The regions of a BorderLayout are fixed at render time and thereafter, its child Components may not be removed or added. To add/remove...
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    Your code looks ok. I think the only problem is in the width you specified for the columns, 0.2 and 0.3 doesn't make sense. Rather try 100, 200.
  12. If you are setting the icon through iconCls of the tree node, then you can get the cls by calling treenode.initialConfig.iconCls.

    Otherwise you have to traverse to the iconEl like this and then...
  13. Thanks Condor.
  14. Ok. Agreed I didn't add the call to superclass initComponent, that was an oversight on my part, but it still don't work.

    I actually like the constructor way of doing this, but was not aware of...
  15. Unzip the attached zip file and copy the directory to examples folder.

    You will notice that the West region can be resized to a min width of 50 and has no limit on the max width which are the...
  16. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.0

    Adapter used:

  17. I think you are confusing extending a class with writing a plugin. Can you include your complete plugin class here. And would be more helpful if you can include a simple implementation.
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    I don't think there is a way to iterate of keys of an object via an XTemplate. The only suggestion I can give is to change the response into an array, something like this:

  19. Add layout: 'fit' to your "idMain".
  20. You can set the reference of the element to the toolbar itself, and then use that to update any changes. e.g., your plugin init might be like this:

    init: function(tbar){
    this.tbar = tbar;...
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    viewport.west-panel.on('mousedown', doAction, null, {delegate:'a'});

    The above statement is wrong. "west-panel" is not a property of viewport. Also, you need a "click" event not "mousedown" on the...
  22. Pass a config when you create your formPanel something like "inform: true". You can then check that in your formPanel whether you want title or not. So your formPanel code will change like this:

  23. One way to do would be to listen for the "rowselect" and "rowdeselect" events of the RowSelectionModel, and save or delete the corresponding records into a temp cache, may be an object with each rec...
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    '<tpl for="Object1">',
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    Did you try setValue("1") to set the combo value?

    Can you include your success function here?
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