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  1. [FIXED] [1.2] StoreFilter's select method has unparamaterized argument

    The method definition for the StoreFilter<T extends ModelData> interface is currently:

    public boolean select(Store store, T parent, T item, String property);Shouldn't it be this?

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    [solved] Multiple Columns for ListView

    I want something almost identical to the ListView example in the Explorer demo. I've got almost all of it working, but it's putting all of my items one per row. How would I tell it to place them in a...
  3. I think I got it fixed. At the end of the code...

    I think I got it fixed. At the end of the code for my MainWindow, I had to add a call to the show() method.

    I'm assuming the Explorer demo does this one level above the source that it shows us, so...
  4. [solved] Replicating the BorderLayout Example

    I'm starting a fairly simple GXT project, and I'm using the BorderLayout for my page. I copied the source code for the BorderLayout example in the Ext GWT Explorer demo, but it doesn't work. Am I...
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