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  1. Hi Slemmon. Thanks for your reply, turns out this was me defining classes within application.js which were then called from other controller classes and ended giving several circular reference...
  2. This was answered over at SO with a brilliant, MVC 'best-practice' solution.
  3. Pretty straightforward question. Currently, what I do when I need to access objects' methods throughout most of the application, I do this in app.js

    Ext.define('Utils', {
    statics: {
  4. Here what I have so far, maybe it can be of used to others:

    Ext.define('Utils.Security', {
    statics: {
    setAllComponentStatus: function () {
  5. I think I will use Ext.ComponentManager.each() after I'm done loading all the user's security profile properties.
  6. For the moment, this seems to do it:

    Ext.define('Override.button.Button', {
    override: 'Ext.Component',
    constructor: function (config) {
  7. Hello

    I'm trying to have a bit of a security system where I want certain components (buttons, menu items, tabs, etc.) disabled depending on some condition.

    What's the best approach for this ?
  8. Thanks Mitchell. That question was answered over at SO. It was mostly a stupid mistake of mine. I confused read only with disabled.
  9. Of course, I saw that many times, don't know why I did not think of it myself. Thanks.
  10. You can't you just wrap a window around the formpanel you already have ?
  11. Hello

    I'm trying to pass extra parameters in a call to Ext.create.

    This shows how to do it but misses the part where you actually use the value within the config of the object.

    I tried:
  12. Hello

    I'm getting a C1009 circular reference warning while building when doing this:

    Ext.define('Customer_Portal_UI.view.MainContent.editContactWin', {
    alias: 'widget.EditContactWin',...
  13. I'm getting an error about Application.js not being found once I've copied the application over to a web server.

    http://site/app/Application.js?_dc=1404504339794 404 (Not Found)

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    This seems to have done the trick

    features: [
    ftype: 'filters',
    local: true,
    filters: [ { ...
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    I saw a bunch of examples showing how to add the possibility to filter records in a grid, but not exactly what I'm looking for. These examples allow the user to do it themselves, but I'd...
  16. Ok...After rebuilding the app the arrow is showing. Then, I'm not sure that did it...
  17. I've got a combo box (in 4.2.1) that won't render properly. I've searched the forums and Google'd the problem and went through the usual checklist.

    The store has data, I made sure I'm linking to...
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    I have had weird problems when grdually adding features to lists and grids. Have you tried building the application ("sencha app build") ?
  19. Hello

    I'm adding fields to a fieldset as such:

    renderContactFormFields: function (window) {

    var fieldSet = window.down('form').down('fieldset');
  20. Turns out you can simply do something as such:

    var win = Ext.widget('EditPortalUserWindow');
    win.whatEverData = 'Hello';;

    Then you will be able to access "whatEverData" from...
  21. Hello!

    I'm trying to pass an argument (a gridview record gathered from the cellblclick event) to a window's show() event.

    I think I will need to use delegate to do it:
  22. Thanks for your reply. That still did not do it. I don't know if there's something I'm missing about my layout or CSS, but I still have to, through code, assign the CSS class to the specified DIV.
  23. I was able to add the class to those specific DIVs when the panel is rendering:


    But a...
  24. I'm trying to assign a CSS class to the panels within a card layout and I find the DOM that ExtJS quite complicated.

    Here's the view:

    Ext.define('Customer_Portal_UI.view.NavigationMenu', {
  25. I found this did the trick

    This way I can listen to 'click' event for 'panel' in my...
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