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  1. I am using Sencha Touch 2's methodology for storing files in the app cache for offline use--works fine. However, I have a use case where I would need to call refresh() in the SDK's production.js file...
  2. Right...wondering if there was any way to use UUID without the alpha and dashes...
  3. Since upgrading to 2.0.1, "rootProperty" now works.
  4. Using Sencha 2.0.1, and need number-only (values that can be convertible to Java longs) identifier strategy. How can I go about doing that?
  5. Nemmind. I got it to work. However, I had to use the deprecated "root" rather than the "rootProperty". Is this a bug?
  6. Sencha 2. I need to write JSON as {records:[...]} rather than {records:{...}}, always wrapping records in an array, even if there is just one record.. According to the documentation, setting...
  7. Thanks, Jacky; your workaround worked for me.

    Any word on this being fixed in future versions?
  8. I was attempting to run the installer using

    sudo sh


    What I had to do was to first make...
  9. I'm trying to install the Sencha SDK Tools version 1.2.3 on 64b Linux. Run I run "sudo sh", I get the error:
  10. Lifesaver, ngardner. Perfect.
  11. Ah, yes--thanks @arthurakay, that makes sense. I will stick with unit testing using Jasmine.
  12. I'm trying to write some tests for a controller using Jasmine. For example, I've got an action method that looks like this:

    mapContact : function(params) {
    // Do some stuff here
  13. I have a sheet (with hideOnMaskTap set to "true") for collecting some information that masks an underlying panel when it is open. If there are any validation errors, I show an Ext.Msg.alert. When...
  14. Any word on this? I have a similar requirement.
  15. Found the problem--turns out it was not tomcat-related. I am using a bundle plugin to read .properties files for i18n. Sencha code was appending parameters--specifically _dc and limit--to the GET...
  16. Here's more information. I have a similar app that I serve up from apache rather than from tomcat. I am able to run it offline successfully--no blank screen. So, it seems to be a tomcat-related...
  17. I have a Sencha Touch app running on Tomcat (using remote storage via java service). All of the resources listed in the app.manifest file seem to load fine when online; no errors in the dev console....
  18. Say I've got a Contact model that has fields as follows:

    fields: [

    And a Household that has fields:
  19. Thanks tomalex0, this really helps!
  20. Thanks much. This is great.
  21. @estesbubba, this makes sense to me. Could you maybe give a brief example of how/what you would replace the Ext.dispatch() call in the model with in the controller? How does the correct controller...
  22. WebStorm from JetBrains
  23. Thanks, Jean-Marie. I would agree with you. It seems that recent tutorials seem to favor the Ext.Dispatch in the views approach, though.
  24. I apologize for the cross-post. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the MVC framework of Sencha Touch, but I'm finding a couple of different approaches. In one by Tommy Maintz, found here, there is an...
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