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  1. Hi. Thanks for answering.

    My pageSize is set, or my paging would not work at all.
    The problem is the webservice I´m reaching does not send the total count within the itens call ('/api/spots')....
  2. I have this LoopbackJS REST webservice where the number of records need to be get in a separate request, so I'm trying to paging a grid with two ajax calls.

    What I have now, and is basically...
  3. I'm developing an OpenSource project with ExtJS 6.0.0 and I'm suffering with this problem for over a month now.
    I just found this post!

    Since Sencha don't care that much to update the GPL...
  4. Ok, just found how!

    var ss = Ext.getBody().getViewSize();

    Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {
    title: 'Title',
    constrain: true,
  5. Nice! Thank you.

    But if the image is too large, and I wanna to reduce it to a specific size, lets say, 70% of the availabe height or width of the screen (depending if the image is horizontal or...
  6. I'm trying to create a Ext Windows with the exact image size, but I can't find how to attach the Image object to the window body and after, make it resize with the window.

    Any idea?

  7. For now, I just found how to install ts definitions for ExtJS:

    npm install tsd@next -g
    cd myproject
    tsd install extjs --save
    This creates a typings/extjs/ExtJS.d.ts file.

    I tryed to create...
  8. Hi, I'm now in the process of migration from Eclipse+Aptana to VSCode (does not mistake with VS2015). VSCode is the MS Open Source editor based on Electron, from GitHub Atom.

    What I'm missing...
  9. It is an Open source frontend for a Closed source backend.

    Dispite the fact no one really knows how to interpret the GPL stuff in cases like that, there is the fact that we may never have access...
  10. With every new version and the Sencha bad strategies I see that it is getting more and more difficult to keep going as a ExtJs developer.
    Now I'm building my Startup and I'm creating my first Open...
  11. Hi.
    Adding just the first part of your example seens to solve the problem.


    "css": [
    "path": "${build.out.css.path}",
    "bundle": true
  12. Today I migrated an app from ExtJs 5.1 (crisp) to 6.0 (triton).

    While I'm using sencha app watch and sencha build development everything is ok. But when I issue a build testing or build...
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    About custom queries and stored procedures, it seems kind of easy on Loopback (just guessing here). On a custom remote method, before method event or CRUD event you can execute native SQL as...
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    1) Interesting.
    2) Don't really care
    3) ?
    4) Without a scafolding framework, it's good to have a start point for new projects. By the way did you evaluated SailsJS as well?
    5) That would...
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    I'm starting to evaluate as well... StrongLoop LoopBack looks like the way to go.
    Right now, just found that:
    Loopback + ExtJs:...
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    Sencha is once again finger flying its community. Can't express enough how sad I got when I found that topic and saw how stupid a company can be.
    I believe that they are just try to make the most...
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    So, it's optional to what JS files CMD will concatenate? There is some docs about it?
  18. Ext.AbstractPlugin didn't work to my aux as well.
  19. That's awesome!

    Thank you.
  20. As I need to keep editing this project and I would like to share something to the community, I'm trying to make this plugin an Architect Extension.
    But I will continue it in another post:...
  21. Because Architect crash hard the canvas by ignoring Resources, I'm trying to convert my Field Masking plugin into a Architect User Extension.
    (Canvas issue and plugin usage here:...
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    Hi. I have developed a web application that I have just ported from ExtJs 3 to 4. It is still using ext-all.js and is not in the MVC pattern.
    I would like to have some feedback from more...
  23. Yep, I'm on the second case. I'll assume there is no workaround for that.
    Unfortunately Architect is too much restrictive. I hope it evolves in the future, so I can revisit it and maybe use in other...
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    FYI, the part from the locale file that is crashing the build is the last line:

    Ext.define("Ext.locale.pt_BR.Component", {
    override: "Ext.Component"
    If I comment out this, the...
  25. The SA Design View stopped work on me and after a little dig (because is no warning or log saying something is going bad), I found that it stopped to work because I have added a plugin to a couple...
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