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  1. Note: this is in reply to vishalnnsingh who posted on 31 Jul 2011 6:58 PM.

    I see this too.

    The original question was "How do i increase the width of the clickable region which opens the menu in...
  2. I'm also trying to download a file (generated on the fly, on the server).

    When I try:

    var results = Ext.decode(response.responseText) ;"data:text/csv;base64," +...
  3. I was re-using 2 comboboxes (creating them onload, then replacing them depending on feedback given via radiobuttons) and for some reason this does not work as documented.
    I ended up creating the...
  4. From the previous post:

    Once I figured out how to re-insert the combobox into the original spot in the items array

    How did you do it ? Do you have an example of how to replace it and get the...
  5. This is impacting us as we are trying to use an ext js 4.1 combobox in a small browserwindow..
    Does anyone know of any workarounds for this ?

    Edit: Still no movement on this ?
    Should this issue...
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