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    infinite scroll grid height

    Is there a way to have the height of an infinite scroll grid shrink to fit the number of rows when the store returns fewer records than would be required to fill the configured height?
  2. marginBottom works for anchor layout

    I found that setting the marginBottom to zero on items added to the FieldContainer works to remove the gap for anchor layout. I still haven't found a solution for vbox layout.

    style: {
  3. gap between FieldContainer items with anchor or vbox layout

    I'm using a FieldContainer with an anchor layout. I don't want any space (gap) between the child items, but there is a default spacing between components. How do I remove that gap?

    I have also...
  4. Call Model.load with different URL (proxy configuration)

    The design of Models and Stores appears to expect users to call Model.load() when only loading a single record from the server, and use a Store (likely with a Grid) when loading multiple records.
  5. [OPEN] getterName config option for hasMany association

    Seems like it would be more consistent for the hasMany association to accept a getterName config option like the hasOne and belongsTo associations.
  6. auto generated getters and setters for Model fields

    Has Sencha considered auto generating getters and setters for the fields of a Model similar to the auto generated getters and setters for properties defined using the config of a class? This seems...
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    The documentation for

    The documentation for shows the Address Model with a "hasOne" association to the Address Model. Shouldn't this association be on the Person Model?
  8. I haven't tried it yet, but one recommendation is...

    I haven't tried it yet, but one recommendation is to use a column renderer to get the nested value. See "How to use associated data in a grid".
  9. Yes. It has been slow for me also.

    Yes. It has been slow for me also.
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    Works in 32bit Firefox 1.5 on 64bit Linux

    I'm running 64bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4. The 64bit version of Firefox 1.5 for Linux doesn't work, however, the 32bit version of Firefox 1.5 does work. Sounds to me like an isolated Firefox bug....
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