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  1. Problem with window shadow when fading window in

    I'm trying to get a window to fade in when it is show. I've added the following code to an Ext.window.Window subclass:

    beforeShow: function ()
  2. I was using numbers as the key field and...

    I was using numbers as the key field and discovered that it treats:

    [ "1", "2" ]
    differently than

    [ 1, 2 ]

    So I ended up changing the code like this:

    - value =...
  3. can't get setValue to work

    I'm trying to use BoxSelect with extjs
    I have it set up using a DirectStore which loads the drop-down from the back-end.
    When I call loadRecord on the form, setValues is called with a...
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    Slow button response in android browsers

    I have a web app written in extjs 4.2. It works great on desktop browsers, but on android browsers the response to clicking on a button is painfully slow. I've read google's article about this...
  5. How can I force a to save a record to the server

    I am loading records with an extDirect data store. I display a record in a form, then call:


    If I have made changes in the form, the record...
  6. How to loadRecord when form has comboBox filled by DirectStore

    I have a form with a comboBox that gets it's data via a DirectStore. The comboBox loads it's data fine, but the problem is it is loaded AFTER I call getForm.loadRecord(), so the value of my record is...
  7. I finally tracked it down. I was calling: ...

    I finally tracked it down. I was calling:

    this.record.commit ();

    record.commit sets the phantom flag to false.
    My comment about record commit said: "gets rid...
  8. Ok, I tracked it down to the updateRecord...

    Ok, I tracked it down to the updateRecord function in data.Operations:

    updateRecord: function(clientRec, serverRec) {
    // if the client record is not a phantom, make sure the ids...
  9. I see the same problem with 4.2.1. Does it...

    I see the same problem with 4.2.1.

    Does it make a difference if I configure my proxy in the DirectStore or in my Model? Right now I'm configuring it in the Store.

    What class processed the...
  10. direct store not updating record id after saving new record with 4.1.1a

    I have an connected to a grid and a form. When I create a new record, I call store.addSorted() which correctly triggers a create message. The reply from the create message is...
  11. Did you ever find a better solution to this? I think I'm seeing the same problem.

    I have an app that works with 4.0.2a, but with 4.1.1a the Sprite events are no longer delivered. Did you ever find a better solution? I seems like something is broken.
  12. upgrading from 4.0.2a to 4.1.1a and sprite events stop working

    I have the following code which works with extjs 4.0.2a, but when I run with 4.1.1a, none of the sprite events fire. Any suggestions for what to try?

    this.overlay =...
  13. I was using ext-debug.js. Now I do get an error...

    I was using ext-debug.js. Now I do get an error message if I use ext-all-dev.js.

    In extjs 4.0.x, it was not manditory to create a class in the required file. I was using the required mechanism to...
  14. Application not launching if I Ext.require a simple file

    I'm using extjs 4.1.0 and have noticed a change from extjs 4.0.

    I have an application that works fine. At the start of the app.js file, I have an Ext.require with a list of files. If I add:...
  15. Can I get the object used by my form?

    I'm trying to attach a progress bar to a file upload, and I need access to the form's object so I can call getXhrInstance.
    I've looked through the source, but haven't been able...
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    Ivanblanc's 4.0 port

    Does Ivanblanc's 4.0 port work with 4.1? Or is there a 4.1 native alternative?
    This is such a great feature, I keep hoping they will make it part of the toolkit.
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    SDK tools for Linux

    I see there is no installer for Linux for the 2.0 SDK tools.
    Is there still a link where I can download the 1.2.3 tools?
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    I tried it, and it works! Thanks that's exactly...

    I tried it, and it works! Thanks that's exactly what I was looking for. The documentation for down doesn't mention itemId's. The only references I saw to itemId made it sounds like they only worked...
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    I looked at itemId as well, but it only works for...

    I looked at itemId as well, but it only works for the immediate children of the container, according to the documentation. I'd like to be able to re-arrange the form, possibly adding fieldsets or...
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    That's what I was doing, but if I have multiple...

    That's what I was doing, but if I have multiple windows up, each editing a different record, that does not work. #button refers to an id, which needs to be globally unique. down finds the first...
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    Best way to find form elements

    In my application I have a window which contains a tab panel which contains a form, which may contain fieldsets that hold toggle buttons. Here's an example button:

  22. 2 problems with drawing after upgrading to 4.0.7

    surface.removeAll (true);

    the removeAll function no longer works.

    event handlers on composite sprites no longer fire.

    var comp = Ext.create('Ext.draw.CompositeSprite', {
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    I was able to get it to work by calling the...

    I was able to get it to work by calling the undocumented:

    surface.setViewBox(0, 0, width, height);

    It seems like a bug to me that this is not done automatically when viewBox is true.
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    code to clarify what I'm doing

    I create the draw component with an initial place-holder box:

    draw = Ext.create('Ext.draw.Component', {
    id: "MainDraw",
    viewBox: true,
    items: [ {
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    Draw component auto scaling

    I have a draw component that I update ever time I poll my server. It seems to scale to the first image I draw, but if the updated image is bigger or smaller, it still scales to the size of the first...
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