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  1. I didn't realise/notice that you could add a rendered to a displayfield. Thanks.

    Here's how I did it in Sencha Architect.

    xtype: 'displayfield',
    renderer: function(value,...
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    I wonder if AjaxSolutions has a bee in his bonnet about Backbone, Underscore, Coffeescript, or jQuery?
  3. Thankfully I didn't have to waste an entire day on this. I just created a reasonably complex formula and wondered why it wasn't working. I had comments and also calls to log stuff to the console...
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    I don't think many people are going to invest the time in writing a decent book on Ext JS when the price of entry to the framework is so high.

    Only the truly motivated are going to buy a book...
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    Tyladurdan, you'll provoke the AjaxSolutions spam-bot by mentioning "the framework which must never be named" around here... the one with the sharp corners. I hope I haven't said too much myself to...
  6. So far it's only happened once, and I cannot reproduce it. I renamed a formula and tried to edit the extraParams again and it was fine, so perhaps that step is not related. In which case I have no...
  7. Sencha Architect crashed today when I clicked on the extraParams config of a proxy in order to change the name of a binding against one of the parameters (after I had just renamed the formula):
  8. Adding a right-click cut/copy/paste menu to all items in the Project Inspector would solve this problem, I reckon.
  9. I chose Ext JS in 2011 (an early release of version 4 and Ext Designer) and found this Guide to Designing and Building RESTful Web Services with WCF 3.5 extremely helpful in developing the web...
  10. Sencha released some stencils or whatever for Adobe Illustrator to help draw mockups of Ext JS apps. I've never used Illustrator so perhaps it was just me, but I couldn't keep the symbol libraries...
  11. OMG! I had no idea this was in 3.2 even. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  12. Can we please, for the love of God, have an option in the next version of Architect, to disable the autoloading of stores within Architect itself? My services require authentication and every time I...
  13. I think I ended up returning an extra field from the server. Adding overrides all over the place is a pain, really. Thanks anyway.
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    I am reluctant to install Cmd 6 because that will inevitably wreak havoc with my 5.x projects in Sencha Architect. I've learned never to manually upgrade/install anything that it does not like. I...
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    I tried the steps here for generating a classic application and got an error message (in a tiny message box that doesn't show the text properly):


    exitCode was 321

    I chose Ext JS 5.1.2...
  16. This works well for configuring stores based on a value in the parent view model, but now I've hit another bit of a snag. I want to set a field in a linked record of the parent view model when the...
  17. I didn't fully appreciate that child components get to see stuff from their parent view models automatically. I was able to do this in the linked component's afterRender() event:

    var vm = this,...
  18. I've created a panel with its own view model/controller that I've linked to another form (by drag and drop in Sencha Architect 3.2). How do I go about binding values from the view model of the parent...
  19. How do you enter a mapping function for a field in a model? Whatever I enter seems to be treated as a string by Sencha Architect 3.2.

    If I try to enter a function, the function body disappears and...
  20. Left side on a desktop browser (right on mobile/narrow screen), and you want to click the link highlighted in red below (the API docs in the grey area don't give you download links):

  21. Thanks. I didn't notice that in the config pane (it's a sea of options on down there!). :)
  22. Thanks, this is good to hear. I'll plod along with 5.1 until 6 is available for Architect (which will hopefully be well before UAT on my new app next year)
  23. This is quite a serious bug IMHO because unless we put everything that blind users are supposed to be told about into a textfield (or something else that you can click into) then displayfields are...
  24. I need to add a one-off style setting to change the colour of a display field's value. How can I do this with Architect? Whatever I try has no effect whatsoever. I can change the label, but not the...
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    Thanks. I'm using this now. Do you know why I need to prefix my model name with "App.model."? You seem to be getting by just fine without it in your example.

    var popup = new...
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