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  1. I noticed there's other getValue() and setValue() fns in the form widgets that check rendered, so setRawValue probably should check too?

    I have a field with a validator function which references a...
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    I also need to fix the problem for IE (IE6 anyway), but I haven't gotten a chance to work on that yet. That icon problem has been around for a little while now but not many people have posted about...
  3. After searching for hours and hours, debugging through Ext up and down, it turns out it has nothing to do with event handling in Ext!

    The reason why you can't use the arrow keys properly or do...
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    @aranacarlospe, that is a much better fix, thanks! Now I don't need a whole override anymore.
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    I just recently wrote this and then searched the forums and found this thread, so I figure I may as well post it because it's the same exact topic, not sending the emptyText!

    This is just a...
  6. Mouse Issue
    My issue is that I can't click to a particular character location except for the end of the text in the field. All of these fields are within the expanded row grid.

    Here's what I...
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    Check out:

    That's probably the fix to your problem!

    The change is the

    switch (item.getItemId()) { // NEW: gets the item id...
  8. I searched around and didn't find anyone else mentioning this.

    This isn't particularly important, but I use linux / emacs and there's line ending ^M - control M characters all over the place. I...
  9. Welcome. The chart renders nicely in my IE6 anyway. I'm using
    6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.070227-2254 if that helps any.
  10. Screenshot using IE6. You need to look closely that it's off by a pixel. What's weird is that in my own code using the row editor, it's off by 2 pixels, but I'm sure that's something I'm doing.
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    I've found the same exact "popping around" error tooltip if there's not enough space.

    @genTaliaru, I haven't tried out your fix, but I like the idea of having the error tooltip below the field...
  12. I stumbled upon the "var old" line, looks like it can be safely deleted! It could be in the other Ext versions as well, I dunno.

    setValue : function(value){
    var old = this.value;...
  13. Always something with IE6. The date picker editor field and icon are misaligned. I have no idea if this affects other versions of IE.

    The RowEditor.css file needs something like:

    /* Align...
  14. The talk about keyNav.disable() being wrapped with a check is the "hurtful" defensive programming you can get yourself in trouble with! I've found that certain types of defensive programming is...
  15. Using the code from the row-editor.js example in Ext 3.0.0, make these adjustments

    var layout = new Ext.Panel({
    title: 'Employee Salary by Month',
    layout: 'border',
  16. Yay, with Ext 3.0.0 official release, the row editor button centering bug is fixed. I took my example code, made sure there's no auto expand and with rc2 it's screwed up but in the new release it...
  17. The error code is 'root-emtpy' instead of 'root-empty'.

    readResponse : function(action, response) {
    var o = (response.responseText !== undefined) ?...
  18. Thanks for that insight. I understand now why you need to delete / recreate the file input itself, in case you have other items in the form that you don't want to reset!
  19. The reason why I went with this code, specifically the highlighted line is because of:

    That reset() is calling the actual DOM form's reset which...
  20. Since I was working on the FileUploadField again, I figured I'd put all the stuff together in an override from primarily

    I noticed the...
  21. I didn't find any mentions of this in the 3.0 bugs, so I figured I'd mention it.

    If you visit:

    The file field does not...
  22. The RowEditor class is probably actually fine, but the difference in configurations affects the RowEditor, that's for sure.

    I found a culprit, if you include this gridConfig property in the...
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    I think that's an awesome idea, since across the board, people will need to copy/paste the comment into their own overrides and potentially make errors. Certainly if it's built in, there's less...
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    Myself and chaoszcat developed a solution:

    For me though, last time I experimented with that solution, icons don't show in IE6, but...
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    I'm actually using the GridFilter from the svn repo, it could be this comment isn't actually in the 0.2.8 package you download from the first post of this thread.
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