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    Thanks, this works with 4.2.2. is not work any more with 4.2.2.
  2. Do you have an override for this bug? Thank you.
  3. The example is from:

    It works with 4.2.0, but not 4.2.2 and 4.2.1.

    Try to move mouse within a row, most times the tooltip will keep the previous cell value.
  4. Extjs 4.x.x draw sprites have click event as well as variuos mouse events.

    How to add tap event to draw sprites in sench touch 2.3.1?

    Thank you for the help.
  5. Thank you for the suggestions and help.

    Define minHeight will allow define height.

    minHeight: 10,
    height: 20
  6. try to set toolbar and title bar with different heights. The heights stay as original height. How do change them?

    Remember touch 1.x or 2.0.x are allow to config the height.

    Thank you for the...
  7. On web and file versions, the config variables and objects are accessable through 'this'. That is not the case with phonegap for iSO and Android simulators.
  8. Come to do some real data with Sencha Touch 2.3. Looks great and able to pull data from remote server with iSO and Android simulators.

    However, there is a problem with ajax data store load. When...
  9. Ok, Answer myself.

    The override must put in a class with file structure for the phonegap.
  10. Start to test Sencha touch 2.3 with phonegap, and able to use profile and remote login and load remote data. It is great.

    The problem is when try to put a following override in the app.js before...
  11. See attached simple test code.

    Try to filter a grid with local memory data and page. It works fine without page.

    However, with page tool bar, there a few problems: The problem still exist with...
  12. As I said cell.cellIndex from cell = e.getTarget(view.cellSelector) is incorrect. My application can be fixed by recalculating cellIndex with following code.

    However, it is still a very critical...
  13. No, in my application I don't even use Sencha celldragdrop ux. I built smiliar grid cell dragdrop since 3.x.x.

    I believe the problem is due to incorrect cell.cellIndex with cell =...
  14. Upgrade to 4.2.2, most critical issues are fixed except the grid cell drag/drop colindex incorrect if there are hidden column. Please help to fix this problem.

    You can following steps to see the...
  15. See attached picture and following steps to produce the problem: Test with FF23.01. Hope anyone here has a workaround.

    (1) load the portal demo.
    (2) Move 'Porlet 2' from column 1 and place...
  16. I had same problem with extjs 4.x.x. The only way to recover to to refresh the page.

    The problem is that if there is an error( could be a very minor error) within Ext.suspendLayouts() and...
  17. Thank you.

    As tested in a simple example, it does have some performance improvement, but less than the patch in the proxy.
  18. Are you talking about the code like below? If yes, it is still need 3 layouts same as without grid.suspendEvents and grid.resumeEvents and the performance is about same.

    render: {...
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    During the initial grid load, any column show/hide and grouping will trig store to load. Suppose two columns (default are hidden) set to show, and another two column (default are show) set to hidden,...
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    See below patch and and link for info.
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    My two day upgrade experience from 4.1.1a to 4.2.1 is fair. I removed most of 4.1.1a patch except two of them: (1) html editor old value is null (2) grid single selection mode - select/un-select...
  22. Looks like this bug is still in 4.2.1GA. Please fix the bugs.

    The same bug was in 4.0.x and fixed in 4.1.1A.
  23. It is too bad 4.2.1 still has many critical bugs in it.

    For the grid grouping feature, the worst is when startCollapsed: true even though no grouper is active, the grid will not show anything.
  24. To see the problem after load the program:

    (1) Try to click any cell on 'pctChange' column, the colIndex is 1 (it should be 2).

    (2) Try to show 'Price' column, then click any cell on...
  25. There is a bug and I have reported use ticket system. And I tried to find this thread I have created, but I couldn't find. Looks someone move this thread to community discussion (It was in...
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