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  1. Was using EXTjs 3.0. Have upgraded to 3.0.3 and it's still not playing ball (i.e. "namespace":"myNs" is not being appended to the extdirect_api.js file).

    I can confirm that the same files work...
  2. Hi Dan,

    I'm assuming that if i set 'action_namespace', I should then call the direct functions using the namespace? Specifically, if I use your multiply example as an action in an a module called...
  3. Cool. I'll have a play and let you know.

    W :-)
  4. Thanks for this Dan, It's great!

    I'm staring a new project, and wondered if anyone has this working with 1.3/4, or should I stick to 1.2?

    I cant see anything in the source that would stop it...
  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply :-)
  6. I have a n00bish question.. I'm trying to follow Saki's big app method, but have got stuck. I'm not sure how you add a handler for a button bar to it's parent viewport onRender function. Example code...
  7. I'm such a wally.

    the plugin parses the actions files, not the model files.

    puting the commneted function in the actions.class.php file fixed everything.
  8. I'm still learning symfony, and am keen to use this plugin. I cant seem to get it to work though. Could you tell me where i went wrong here?

    Follwing the instructions in the readme, and using the...
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