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    I need the same thing. Please report your experiences, ts.
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    Ah I just found out that it is not because of the ext version but because of the tabPosition: 'bottom'.
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    Hi Animal,

    this is great. I would like to replicate the example from the screenshot you posted, however, there is a small rendering problem now. I'm using ext 3.2.1. I can display the whole icon...
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    I was wondering if I am allowed to release software that uses ExtJS under a Apache2 or Non-Profit Open Source license. I do own a commercial developer license for ExtJS 3 myself.
  5. I noticed that when using an ajax request with parameter isUpload: true (hence actually using the hidden iFrame method), the call is always successful, even when the request actually fails. For...
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    Which of these events is implemented in the Ipad version of Safari?

    - double click
    - right mouse click
    - drag and drop
  7. I use a combobox in an editorGridPanel to change values, similar to the 'light' column in this example. However, I find it annoying that it requires 4 clicks to change a value.

    I would like to...
  8. A small problem that I cannot get rid of: the editors that I add to my EditorGridPanel always appear a few pixels lower than the cell itself when i set frame: false for the gridpanel.
  9. I am making a clinical webapp with a big EditorGridPanel for input data. There are three types of fields in the EditorGridPanel, and they all have their own editor. However, for historical and...
  10. Now it works for normal Ajax request, but not when I add custom headers. Let me give a full example, so you can try it out (assuming you have a gmail/google account somewhere):

    Visit this url to...
  11. I don't get it... if I do the same request it is completely ignored. I just get the XHR Object, no actual request is being made:
  12. Doesn't do the trick :( Still 405.
  13. @hendricd

    so, any idea how to fix this? Or is it just impossible to do cross-domain requests to google services with firefox? That can't be the case because there are many other 3rd party google...
  14. Ok I added the code for you.
  15. I use an Ajax request to download xml data from Google's Spreadsheet API. The Google server only allows 'GET' requests. However, for some reason when I create an Ext.Ajax.request to an external url...
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    I was wondering if anyone here has tried to play with ext js apps accessing google data. More specifically, using Google's AuthSub procedure or GData Javascript library to load data from e.g. google...
  17. You override did not do the trick for me, but this one did in my case:

    Ext.override(Ext.form.Action.Submit, {
    handleResponse : function(response){
  18. The code is actually just as simple as calling collapse() and expand() on the regions. But to elaborate a little: So assume there is border layout, in which east region has {id: 'layerPanel'} and...
  19. I have a border layout in which east, south and west regions can be collapsed. However, because I don't like the default hide and show buttons, I implemented a custom menu bar to do the collapse()...
  20. I tried this, but this is exactly the problem. The 'handleResponse' function that I quoted above, in the end only extracts the success and errors:

    return {
    success :...
  21. It is decoded when the callback functions are called. For 3.1.1, at line 9632 of ext-all-debug.js the line runCallback(o.success, o.scope, [r, o]); is called, which then via via calls the method...
  22. I had a HTML with predefined hidden divs:

    <div class="x-hidden">
    <div id="myDiv1">

    <div id="myDiv2">

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    That is exactly what I am doing ATM, but I was hoping for a more elegant and efficient solution... Is it also not possible to e.g. stop the event and on the Ajax callback manually re-fire it?
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    Is it possible to wait for an ajax call to return an event? For example, in a drag-and-drop tree, I use a 'beforenodedrop' listener, that calls an AJAX function that verifies if the requested...
  25. Yeah I don't have total control over the json source. I was hoping for a tree-wide setting that makes all non-leafs non-draggable.
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