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  1. Fiddle:

    Steps to reproduce (Follow the exact steps):

    Click on the 2nd tab
    Click on "group: A"
    Click on Coke (the column editor will open)
    Click on...

    You can change the framework to Ext JS 6.0.1 Triton classic to see the problem.
  3. See the fiddle (in IE10)
  4. Yes, I know but many of our forms are user generated i.e. we don't have control. Therefore, we don't set a height but a maxHeight so that the form doesn't scroll out of the viewport. If it doesn't,...
  5. Try typing into the "-Any-" region. You won't be able to. Only after you select options, then you can.

    Please provide a workaround
  6. Scroll down and click on a checkbox. The form will scroll up automatically. This makes forms unsable. Customers are complaining!

    Please FIX. This problem...
  7. How "safe" is it to use 5.1.2 in a production environment? Any workaround possible in 5.1.1?
  8. If you run the fiddle, the value in the tagfield is shown as "California,-Any-". This is very confusing for end users. It should only be "California".

  9. My thoughts exactly. I think the "public" is smart and Sencha will learn it the hard way. Ignoring customers has never paid off for anybody.
  10. Sencha's attitude sucks. Probably, it's time to switch to another framework.
  11. Please fix this ASAP. Without this the Tag field is useless. At least give an official workaround.
  12. Chrome. Look at the Text color icon (for example). There is a yellow line next to it. Same problem with the reduce text font button.
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    Ok. Please assign high priority to this bug (the scrolling part). It makes the usage of Checkboxgroup useless. Thanks.
  15. I am facing similar issue. Very hard to give steps. But happens very often.
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    Sorry. I had not saved the fiddle. Did now. Please check.
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    The two problems are mentioned in the fiddle. Please TEST your stuff. Very frustrating.
  18. There are major problems with tagfield. Here is another one. I think you guys need to invest in testing a lot. It's really frustrating with the amount of bugs you guys have. And then on top of it,...
  20. I have prepared the fiddle here:

    Note that even though the field has values, the "-Any-" shows up. This is very misleading for end users.
  21. Any workaround in the meantime? Customers are complaining :-(
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    Any workaround for now?
  23. In our app, we generate dynamic charts based on user data. A lot of times labels overlap creating bad looking charts. For example:

    How do you propose I handle...
  24. Is there a workaround?
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    I see this in 4.2.2. I would really like a workaround. Can't move to Ext 5 just yet.

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