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  1. Dear "helpful support guy"..! Here is a thought! If you'd ask a few questions and spend the time to understand the problem, you'd realize that there are a few details you can get to work out if one...
  2. I absolutely love the dedication in answering forums here! :-|
  3. What kind of reply is this? How come it just so happens that ie and mozilla somehow supports this zooming, but not chrome? This kind of reply gives a very bad name to sencha! everything seems to...
  4. What kind of reply is this? How come it just so happens that ie and mozilla somehow supports this zooming, but not chrome? This kind of reply gives a very bad name to sencha! everything seems to...
  5. Hi yes - thank you for coming back to me
    I managed to do a few tricks here and there, but the ultimate thing that worked best is to recreate the components in the new window and simply transfer the...
  6. Hi...

    I have a question, perhaps someone could assist me with this issue.

    I have an ExtJS Window with a form panel loaded in it. At the bottom of this formpanel there is a toolbar with buttons...
  7. REALLY?

    No support on something like this??? Sencha is expecting payment for a product that misbehaves????? And NO ONE is willing to supply some info? Perhaps ask me for more info to assist me: a...
  8. Hi..!

    I have this strange thing hapenning when I open files in Sencha Architect! They open and then where to header bar displays the file path after a few seconds it shows the * character as if...
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    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1.1

    Browser versions tested against:
    ____ FF15.0.1

    DOCTYPE tested against:
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    Hi - I got it right! It was a problem with the way I was calling the box in the sequence the application was being launched! Ultimately It was just so strange the way it was behaving and it gave no...
  11. I thought as much! It would just be really faster loading if we could have some sort of a multi-application by using a base js from within a parent window!

    Anyway thanks a lot..!
    No idea if...
  12. Hey there!

    I was just wondering! I have tried many things to get this working and I know that people in the past mentioned it is not possible!

    I have a main console from where I am launching...
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    hmmm i have gone through the entire application! Same issue all over! I do not have a var statement any longer!

    But I take it that I CAN add the Ext.MessageBox.hide(); when I completed whatever...
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    I did not know how much of a trouble can a simple messagebox be! This is absolutely nuts lol! I have tried to make the box reappear over and over, and all it does it goes at the back of the new...
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    Instead of
    msgBox = Ext.MessageBox.alert('Submitting data to the server', 'Please wait...');

    I used:

    var msgBox = new Ext.window.MessageBox('blah').wait('Submitting data to the...
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    Hey guys! I am experiencing a weird issue! Maybe someone can either help or just let me know if this may be a bug!

    I create an application. I send an ajax request and hence I place a wait message...
  17. Has this been fixed since February? I am running 4.1 and I am having a problem with this expression:


    It returns an empty...
  18. okidoki - another question regarding this! So let's say I want to get the app2 into it's own appfolder. How do I reference the views for that application?

    Let me tell you what I did:

    1. I...
  19. I think I may have found out why - for those interested: the initial view must be ticked off in the sub-applications. Also the autocreate view port property in the application node must be ticked...
  20. So here is what I am encountering..!

    I have three apps: Master, app1 and app2

    When deploying the master it works.
    When deploying app2 it works
    When deploying app3 it overwrites the...
  21. @CasualNetorks - Thank you very much for getting back to me regarding this! I must say all that you have said makes sense and funny enough after posting my inquiry, I have made some more progress,...
  22. Hey guys! i am appealing to your help - I am really lost in this one! I still cannot for the Love of God make this work!

    I need some sort of a complete example with the idea of a master tab panel...
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    I am assuming you want to have multiple Sencha Architects running at the same time! In windows, just simply click the architect again!

    If it is the toolbar icon that you are clicing, then...
  24. I am encountering a problem when deploying the scond child application, It is overwriting something that seems to make the application behave weird..! Isn't there some sorts of a guideline on how to...
  25. It worked..! The way one does it is by using the same deploy directory, and if you want you can use the SAME application folder path. By calling your children application views...
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