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    Yes, Less is loaded with XHR as it reads, and then parses, a .less file and then uses the resulting CSS to style the page.

    I'll tar up what I can (which should be most everything) and send it to...
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    Yes, there is an index.html file in the web app path.

    Luckily, I did make progress, but not there yet. I discovered that since I'm using the Less CSS processor library in my app, the packager was...
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    I was encouraged by Arthur Kay to start a thread here after I posted some frustration on Twitter, so here we go.

    First off, the instructions for setting up the Packager were great and I had it...
  4. This is in ExtJS 4
  5. When I throw up an Ext.msg.Alert or Ext.window.Window with modal set to true, the entire document does not get masked. Only the available width and height that existing BEFORE all my elements were...
  6. I realize that may be the case, but I'm also interested in the case where I would want to update/add items to a toolbar independent of a user generated event. For example, a WebSocket event is...
  7. Thanks for the reply, Mitchell I can't find any examples in the docs as to how to obtain a reference to the existing Toolbar. If you know where this documentation exists, I would greatly appreciate...
  8. Have a simple test case that has me bamboozled. Here's the truncated, relevant code.

    I've got a view with a toolbar control in it.

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.organization.List', {
    alias :...
  9. mberrie, thanks much. It had never occurred to me that the down() method would work on an HTMLElement.
  10. Perhaps I should, but I don't. Also, I did browse the element in the VM, for that's how I discovered what element was actually returned to me.
  11. Inside a view, I created a textfield with an id of 'password' in a form. In my controller, I want to get the DOM of the actual INPUT element. However, Ext.getDom('password') returns the DOM of the...
  12. When you say copy to feature/selectable.js, could you put that in a little more perspective? Where is this being placed? In my app, in my extjs folder, somewhere else?

  13. Nevermind. I forgot about the queryMode property.
  14. Grr...

    Ok, I've got a view with a ComboBox in it with a store called Networks.

    Here's the store.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
  15. That's great, because that's what I ended up doing. I created a application.eventBus object that everything can fire to/listen from.
  16. This works great. It even allows me to bubble the event at the application level and let another object outside of the Ext application scope listen to it. Thanks so much!!
  17. I feel like I'm missing something so obvious, but I can't see it. Basically, I'm firing an event in a controller and I want the application to be able to listen to that event.

    In the controller's...
  18. Either I'm f*ing blind, or it's not there. I even searched for the text 3.3 in case it was written in a small font.
  19. Here's a quick example.{
    title: 'Verification',
    msg: 'This feature requires administrator approval. Please <br/>verify this change by checking the box...
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    Absolutely it should. But in the meantime, I'm sure same66 wants help to get his app up and running consistently ;)
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    Sometimes it helps if you post the code that is causing you problems. We're geeks and we think in code. Coming up with a solution to an abstract problem is very hard when we can't see the code.
  22. You sure can. The body text of a MessageBox supports HTML, so you could have any element in there. Then your processing function when the user clicks 'Ok' or 'Save' or whatever could check the value...
  23. Something needs to trigger the Data Store to load your data. It doesn't do it automatically.

    Look at the load() and doRequest() methods on the HTTPProxy object...
  24. Hm, that didn't work either. The individual grids don't scroll if there is overflow. The regions scroll, but then, if the user scrolls, they lose the column headers of each grid.

    This is turning...
  25. Thanks for the response, Screamy. That would almost do it. In the case where I set the height of the panel to 900 and simply stack the grids inside it, each grid would still have a dynamic height...
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