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  1. What is the reason to make TextButton focusable if nor Space nor Enter handled as "click"?
    I understand that this probably can be done by custom key handler, but may be this should be default...
  2. This is confusing.
    Which one to use?

    And for setExpanded() no corresponding isExpanded() getter.

    Hm... and using setExpanded() cause NullPointerException, at least in UiBinder.
  3. Problem can be reproduced with WebKit, such as Chrome.

    Look OK on IE8 and FF10.0.2
  4. Beta 4.
    My friend tried to use FieldSet and found that it renders with small glitch on collapse button.
    Top border is not rendered

  5. Thank you for such perfect explanation.
  6. My apologies, Colin.
    You are right, this works fine with @UiFactory.
    I've missed it :-(

    However with @UiFactory in this form you now still have to set appearance for each ContentPanel, right?...
  7. +1
    Please, guys, think about UiBinder users too.
    UiBinder is one of the major benefits of GXT 3.0, right?
  8. File gxt-3.0.0-beta2\examples-src\com\sencha\gxt\explorer\client\layout\AccordionUiBinderExample.ui.xml

    <g:VerticalPanel spacing="10"> <gxt:ContentPanel ui:field="panel"...
  9. Any answer?
  10. Yes, you can not compile explorer sample.

    Look for example on AccordionUiBinderExample.ui.xml, it attempts to set "appearance" for ContentPanel, but ContentPanel has no method "setAppearance" or...
  11. But in GXT 2 it is centered (as expected).
  12. Thank everyone for replies.
    Well, I understand that this is beta.
    I probably had too high expectations.
  13. In the past I've had great experience with GXT 2.x during GWT Designer development.
    Almost everything worked exactly as I expected.
    It was such pleasure to work on so polished library.

  14. I've tried to set label alignment for RIGHT, but it does not work.
    So I've looked into source and see that it is even not checked anywhere!

    Is whole "form" package implemented or not?
  15. it is hard to use in UiBinder.
  16. public FillToolItem() { setElement(DOM.createDiv());

    BoxLayoutData data = new BoxLayoutData();

    but in BoxLayoutContainer:
  17. OK, thank you for help and fixes.
  18. 1. Why I do this? Because I can. GXT 3 is about making things easier and safer, right? :-)

    2. I've tried to add container after setting south widget. No difference.
  19. Adding container.forceLayout() does not help.

  20. Well, as I told in first message, there is constructor which accepts Appearance, but it is not marked with @UiConstructor, so UiBinder does not use it.

    And yes, this is UiBinder.
  21. Do you support UiBinder? :-)

    public class ImageViewer implements EntryPoint { public void onModuleLoad() {
    RootPanel rootPanel = RootPanel.get();
  22. I've just looked two videos from SenchaCon 2011.
    First was from Darrell Meyer why he tells that GWT Designer is not useful.
    Second was from Sven Brunken where he told that in GXT 2.0 learning curve...
  23. Hm...

    1. But example uses ContentPanel. I don't understand how it could work. But I've not tried to compile my Beta2 Explorer example, I use online version.

    2. FramePanel extends ContentPanel,...
  24. From example:

    <gxt:ContentPanel appearance="{accordionLayoutAppearance}" animCollapse="false" bodyStyleName="pad-text" headingText="Settings">
  25. <container:NorthSouthContainer styleName="{style.panel}" borders="true"> <container:child>
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