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  1. worked worked worked

    hey! i left it open all night, this morning i just klicked and it worked, i am on the next level now :-)

    question: with the commercial version will i have to go through that login screen all the...
  2. :-) world record

    :)) i an whining because its sad that a software registration screen becomes a showblocker ...
    but be assured, i am not very patient either ;-) lets see ...
  3. patience :-)

    the problem seems to persist for quiet some time, i think you should not give up to quickly, the software is for sure worth waiting (at least that is what i hope) its just their registration policy...
  4. same here ...

    HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error
    its a server error probably software issue

    if i try a faulty password it seem to work but as soon as i enter the correct one it fails with the same error
  5. Replies

    HEELP can't install

    same problem here tried pretty much every thing i am using OSX ...
  6. confused

    did you guy's get answer or are you still waiting to get the product up and running?
  7. any news?

    did you get any news on this?
    (this is a pretty old request)
    are you waiting since then to enter the EXT designer????
    i have the same problem, does it mean i have to wait that long? or for ever?
  8. same here ...

    tried a few usual things,

    - remove the local firewall
    - logout of sencha
    - make sure i activated my account with the email
    - check with a network tool (same ... some error 500)

    please help...
  9. same problem here

    1) downloaded Sencha Architect 2 for Mac OSX
    2) registered via the installation screen
    3) loged in to (worked)
    4) on the screen 'please register your software' i entered same...
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