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  1. I am not able to recreate in a test case and ...

    I am not able to recreate in a test case and hardly it have 60 records not more than that... I tried with suspendevents at beforeitemcollapse event and resuming events at afteritemcollapse.
  2. Treegrid collapse with widget column is very slow in IE


    I am having Tree Grid with Widget column ,When I try to collaspe it is nearly taking 5 seconds in IE to collapse. Is there any way to improve the performance or any one have faced similar...
  3. Extjs Model validation is causing Uncaught Typeerror : factory is not a function.


    I have a model which have some mandatory fields.

    When i call getValidation() I am getting that error.. Kindly help me what wrong I am doing.
  4. How to query a form with values insesitive.

    Hi I have form which have three fields.

    Ext.onReady(function(){Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    title: 'Simple Form',
    bodyPadding: 5,
    layout: 'anchor',
    defaults: {
  5. Thankyou.. it is working fine

    Thankyou.. it is working fine
  6. Query a form for fields by excluding one field

    Hi I have a form where I am querying for fields which matches a value. form.query('field[value*=test]');The query is returning all the fields which have that value . While querying i want to...
  7. App folder is not loading in Ext.appliation when i try to test using jasmin


    I am trying to implement jasmine in my application(Ext js 5)for unit testing. For that i have created app-test file.

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    Before sort is not firing in Store.

    Hi I have a Store where is sorting is happens at serverside . So i have remoteSort:true. But before sorting I have to do some data manipulation according to my requirement but beforesort is not...
  9. How to remove sorting and refresh grid view.


    I have grid which have columns as sortable .After I sort any column either ascending or descending I want to get the default view of grid when initially it was loaded. I just want to refresh...
  10. How to make entire row editable after grid is rendered.


    I am using cell editing in my grid. I just want to make the first row editable once the grid is edited. Current I am using
    var record=grid.getStore().getAt(0);...
  11. Table Layout alignment mismatch after validation.

    I have a form panel which is in Table layout and has some validations. When ever user tries to submit the form without filing the required fields we are showing the error msg .After showing the...
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    How to modify legend in Ext js chart


    I want to modify default legend in charts. Along with name I want to display a text depends on the legend name. Is there any legend renderer?

    How to achieve this .Kindly help me
  13. How to change page and limt values before loading the store


    How to change the page and limit values dynamically before loading the store.
    let suppose at some point my page value is 2 I want to change it to 1. Kindly help me how to
    achieve this.
  14. How to change page and limit values before loading Store


    How to change the page and limit vales of store before loading the store. At one some point I want to change page =2 to Page =1 and limit values .

    Is there any way to change limit and page...
  15. great !!! Thanks its working fine

    great !!! Thanks its working fine
  16. Failure Function is getting callback even after getting response from server

    I have a form which contains two textfields username and password when I submit the form my servlet is
    getting called successfully and sending reponse properly. But in submit method failure is...
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    Build Failed When trying to generate app


    I am trying to generate an app using Sencha cmd and version is Sencha Cmd v5.0.3.324
    But it is throwing error while building and error description as follows

    E:\Softwares &...
  18. beforeshow event is not firing even i am calling show method

    before show event is not firing when i call show method of form panel
    var win = Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {
    title: 'Hello',
    height: 200,
  19. Hi you can read only the state of defualt...


    you can read only the state of defualt configs.
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    If you want to set the id of the active tab with...

    If you want to set the id of the active tab with your custome value

    Get the instanse of your acitive tab using getActive method
    var current=TabGroupPanel.getActiveTab( )
  21. i got it

    i got it by adding css like this
    border: 0.05px solid Red;

    and added config like this

    bodyCls: 'borderForOnlyBody',
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    do you want to get the content accordingly how...

    do you want to get the content accordingly how they placed in the panel????
  23. How to change border color of panel excluding panel header

    Hi ,
    I had created a panel by using this config
    style: 'border: solid Red 1px',

    i had changed the border color

    i want to know how to change the border color excluding Panel header.....
  24. thank you very much

    thank you very much
  25. How to get all the names of the nodes of a tree


    i had a tree having some nodes and leafs is their way to get all the names of the tree nodes including nodes,root nodes .....

    Thank you.
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