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    Same here - went with another charting engine and never looked back.

    Also abandoned efforts to run ExtJs 4 on IE7/8 - chromeframe to the rescue (argh!)
  2. Did you see the docs for XTemplate?

    ExtJs docs are very complete IMHO.
  3. Haha. It's ok. And I doubt it's worth to send them to Thailand :)

    But I guess Don could really need a beer or two once in a while! :D

    Btw, glad you figured it out
  4. 'Object' in the docs is referring to the Object defined by the JavaScript (EcmaScript) standard. There is no actual corresponding 'Object.js' file in the ExtJs framework (maybe there is one in JsDuck...
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    +1 for allowing to pass configuration options to YUI (or closure) compiler.
  6. Are you sure that you want the 'compile page' command here? The 'page' command works on html files as input and output, but you are referencing js files?

    What happens when you use

  7. @Don
    Don, thx for opening the bug report.

    Please note that I tracked down the bug in my post from Dec 13 2012. My initial report didn't pin down the problem exactly and might lead your team in...
  8. Tested with, still same behavior.

    This drives me crazy!

    I did further tests to eliminate environment-specific issues - no change.
    I also tried to make sense out of this using a...
  9. It is still not working for me in

    I can only assume that this bug is specific to my environment and not a general bug. Otherwise I don't understand why I don't get any official...
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    Checkout the chapter "Trimming The Excess" in the "Single-Page Ext JS Apps" tutorial!/guide/command_app_single

    sencha compile -classpath=ext/src,js \ ...
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    Just reduce your app to a smaller test scenario, then test out whether the suggested compiler statement yields the expected result. Adding explicit requirement statements should then be only a minor...
  12. AFAIK if you use the following format:

    Ext will only apply the override if the overridden class ( '' ) is actually loaded/required somewhere in your code.
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    I think the compiler automatically picks up dependencies from 'Ext.create' calls in your code, but I am not absolutely sure.

    In any case, it might be helpful to state any dependencies explicitly...
  14. AFAIK Sencha Cmd has support for detecting implicit dependencies such as these controller classes. Maybe a bug?

    If you need to hint a dependency to the compiler, you can also use

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    As a starter, out of my head, here some code:

    sencha compile -cl /var/ext4.1.1a/src,/var/webapp/app1/ \
    union -r -f /var/webapp/app1 and \
    exclude -n Ext and \
    concat -compress -o...
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    Do you have by any chance the 64bit version of Java installed?

    I ran into similar problems a while back and I forced Sencha Cmd to use the 32bit JVM which solved my memory problems.

    The higher...
  17. I further tracked down the bug. Any 'exclude' command is ignored if the '-debug=xxx' option on the 'concat' command is used.

    This does *not* work (Ext core and foundation classes will be included...
  18. @sencha

    Can this pls be confirmed as a bug? It has been a month since the first report.

    It seems that the entire '-tag' support is broken - not a minor glitch IMHO.

    thx for your...
  19. The javascript build time in our project increased by a factor of 4 when we moved from to (the main compile task increased to 16 seconds from just 4s - we use 'sencha compile').
  20. This is indeed quite annoying. Also, errors don't get logged on stderr. We use 'sencha compile'.
  21. EDIT: Meanwhile I tracked down the bug further. The problem is that when using "-debug=[true|false] concat", any exclude statements will be ignored. See post #3.

    Sencha Cmd
    ExtJs 4.1.1a...
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    When working with chained commands 'Expected 0 parameters' is really just marginally better than 'An error occurred' ;)
  23. Just checked with Sencha Cmd and the resulting file is 699kB (includes core as well). If you use a GZIP filter on your web server, it will be maybe 210kB.

    If you want to stay small then forget...
  24. OK, my last effort to bring attention to my question. Hopefully more people will see it at this time of the day.
  25. Any feedback on this? I know it is late evening now in some parts of the world :)
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