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  1. Thanks Mitchellsimones.

    But I think there is no documentation yet ready for it, is it anywhere?
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    Hi Sephii,

    I am using your sqlite proxy, how I can fetch records from local db in range like example below.

    From date: and To Date, From Jan 2011 to Jan 2012

    How to fire a query to fetch...
  3. ST 2.1 is released or in beta version, can you share download and doc link?
  4. I was looking on the github to put comment on authour's page, but i didn't find any comment box to post.

    But, I made it to store data on local db luckily by seeing how they did it, but now don't...
  5. Hello,

    I am seeking an explanation, how code work for saving and retrieving data from local db using sqlite proxy shared by Sephii.

    I am not able to save my form values to local db, I have...
  6. I also facing same error message after adding title in the code below it worked for said above...

    Ext.define('GS.view.Forms', {
    extend: '',
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