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    How does that work? I mean the MixedCollection itself in the ComponentMgr is a reference to all of those objects. So when I delete all of the other references, that one reference in the...
  2. Should probably leave change as it was, and add a new event (so it's backwards compatible with combobox), perhaps livechange or somesuch.

    It's probably not a good idea to have the event fire twice.
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    !! Oh man, I had my own hack to do this, but I like your's better.
  4. I'm getting the same error. Thanks for the thread, and bug report.
  5. .. just to share my fix...

    Well.. I could find no better way.. I had to edit the ext style and then set the zseed. This is on FF3 that I had to do this so the mask did not show up over window...
  6. Uh.. If I have a formpanel with comboboxes in the Window, the dropdown for those comboboxes is behind the Window if I do this. Same thing with the date trigger.
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    Works great, thanks for building this.

    Just curious... why did you break Ext class name convention and use dollarField, instead of DollarField?
  8. I the first example, wouldn't 'arguments' be undefined? I assume that should be 'config', right?
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    Are these kept up to date (will they work with 2.2?)
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    Hi, two things I cannot seem to figure out with the form layout.

    1. How can I reduce the vertical padding (spacing?) above and below all or any of the fields?

    2. How can I put fields next to...
  11. Well since the thread creator is not keeping this code up to date, thought I post my version. This version uses the displayTpl, valueField, and displayField abilities. I fixed a prepopulate bug. And...
  12. Also, I am completely unable to get it to work with AsyncTreeNode. Do you think I need to try harder, or is that not build into this?
  13. If I use a renderer for a column, how do I get it to apply to the subrow's column?
  14. Also do you know, why this type of usage does not work?

    new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    rootVisible : false,
    root : new Ext.tree.TreeNode({text:'Types', id:'root',
  15. It's kind of cool the way it is. Like a "remember the checkboxes I had checked" kind of feature. I mean that requires that the developer is a bit smarter on the server side when saving, but outside...
  16. Thanks, that was what I wanted.. that danged function was hiding from me.
  17. So yeah, I have a javascript instance of a panel. I also have a block of html. I just want to take the panel, delete whatever HTML is inside of it, and replace it with the aforementioned block of...
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    Oh goodness.. 74 pages.. I don't suppose anyone has a summary of the good parts?

    Anyways.. do I understand broke bum me who wants to make a website for my granny's knitting supplies and use a few...
  19. Is there a new version I should be using somewhere? Link please?
  20. pludikhu, below is a slightly improved version for you. (and I changed it to rawValue instead of rawvalue)

    // private
    initValue : function(){
    if(this.value !== undefined){
  21. Ah, ok I used the cls attribute on one of the child panels. That did work well. Thanks
  22. Is no way to get a 5px spacing or margin between columns on the column layout?

    Because right now I had to resort to this.. which can't be a good idea.

    },{border:false, width:5},{
  23. Probably the wrong place to ask.. but is svn version stable? Can I use it in production systems? Aside from the checkbox enhancements, I think I want the item-selector abilities. Depending on if...
  24. Uhm..dudes, I think this plugin is referring to data selected from the database, not being inserted into it. Having 0000-00-00 in the DB is perfectly valid in some systems. But, it would seem, that...
  25. Yes, like end-user I am very curious about this.
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