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  1. Ext version tested:


    Browser versions tested against:

    FF3 (firebug 1.12.5installed)
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    Thanks for the update! The more bug fixes the better.
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    Is it happening today?
  4. You mean something like this:

    Ext.create('', {
    proxy: {
    type: 'memory'
  5. I couldn't find a printable class diagram for ExtJS 4.2.1 so I made one for my team. I'm giving something back to ExtJS community:

    Ext JS 4.2.1 Class Diagram (PDF)

    Ext JS 4.2.1 Class...
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    Thanks for the pointer!
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    Also, ran into some errors on the console:

    In LockableBufferedGrid.js (line 178)

    var updateNodeStore = function () {
    if (fillingRoot) return;
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    I was just trying the demo out of the box and noticed that when you collapse one of the folders, all of the records in the tree column disappear. This happens only when you scroll to the middle.
  9. with the component query expression capabilities in Ext 4, the following overrides are easy substitutes for getTopToolbar and getBottomToolbar:

    getTopToolbar: function() {
    var tb =...
  10. Hi,
    It makes sense to at least mark the property as deprecated, or document the new behavior just like in the PagingToolbar documentation.
  11. Noticed ExtJS 4.2.1 has CORS for IE covered:

    /** * Creates the appropriate XDR transport for this browser.
    * - IE 7 and below don't support CORS
    * - IE 8 and 9 support CORS...
  12. Hit the same issue. Here's a working override:

    constructor: function(config) {
    var spinnerConfig = Ext.copyTo({}, config,...
  13. Selecting a date directly from the date picker without prior focus on the date field component, does not trigger a "change" event. This is directly related to:...
  14. Thanks for looking into it. Just to point out that impact is broad as there are multiple methods affected by this:

    - isXType()
    - getXType()
    - getXTypes()
    - findByType()
    - findParentByType()

    Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 26
    FF 20
  16. Silly me. Of course it does. I had not specified The full namespace with the @class annotation.
  17. I'm noticing that JSDuck does not scan subdirectories, forcing explicit inclusion of every path and its nested content. Is that the expected behavior?

    Can we either support ant-style wildcards *...
  18. Hi demongloom,
    Interesting idea. Not to discourage you but if you have heavy classes with lengthy functions, you'll end up with huge images. For instance imagine what you'll get with something like...
  19. Hello,
    The argument that "LESS" requires additional software to run is no longer the case.

    You can pretty much use java which...
  20. Hi joeri,
    I just want to weigh it and say that your argument above is only applicable per individual case. How did the user manage to get such an override in place? Having an override that decodes...
  21. Hi Scott,

    Not sure I understand your last comment. Downloading ext-3.4.0 from reveals that it's having the invalid markup <code>flex</flex>. Feel free to verify it by viewing the source...
  22. I just downloaded ext-3.4.0 again and the error is still there. The online docs appear to use 3.4.0 as you can see here:!/api/Ext-property-version or maybe a...
  23. For better performance you can also use the "ref" attribute to get a relative and permanent reference to your component's child element: ...
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    Have you considered JAWR? It would take care of most of your packaging and bundling needs and has Maven support:
  25. This is how it looks in my local copy:

    * @cfg {Number} flex
    * <p><b>Note</b>: this config is only used when this Component is rendered
    * by a Container which has been...
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