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  1. Thanks Condor!
  2. From the documentation for textarea: "Can be used as a direct replacement for traditional textarea fields"

    Oh really? Then why can't I specify the "rows" attribute? "Replacement" I might agree...
  3. Hopefully jgarcia's presentation at Sencha headquarters tomorrow (correct me if I'm wrong in these details) will be a step in the right direction.
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    Likewise PagingToolbar's 'refresh' property (a reference to it's refresh button) is not documented that I can tell. And a pattern seems to be emerging as regards the documentation for PagingToolbar.
  5. We have actually switched to a "local" PagingJsonStore, but I am still have issues with the paging toolbar not correctly reflecting the correct figures. We begin by applying a filter immediately...
  6. There's a difference between somebody calling themselves an , and somebody else making a blanket statement that a whole category of people are idiots without regard for circumstances they...
  7. Well he deserves it, calling people idiots, instead of offering anything constructive. More importantly, it reflects poorly on this community. By the way J good luck with your talk at Sencha, or did...
  8. How do you feel about your (unfair, IMO) judgment in light of this post:
  9. This implementation is naive and does not properly account for records being added/removed from the store. So I will be re-working it, but am leaving the original, naive solution code in place for...
  10. I agree though sometimes I worry that I rub others the wrong way because I can be highly critical myself.

    Speaking of which Ed ;) I have a suggestion regarding your printing plugin based on a...
  11. Perhaps, but then shouldn't the equivalent for Json be Ext.jsonEncode & Ext.jsonDecode?
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    PagingToolbar's updateInfo is not documented, or at least cannot be found using the documentation search tool
  13. I applaud you for at least acknowledging that he has some valid points. Otherwise we are all just cheerleaders who accuse anybody who has anything negative to say about ExtJS of FUD-mongering (fear,...
  14. the following overrides work for me on Ext 3.2.0:

    (function() {
    * these overrides create and manage a new property unfilteredLength
    * that stores/replaces/restores the...
  15. I started this thread a couple of months ago but did not get much response; maybe it should have gone in "open discussion" instead of help:
  16. When I use a CheckColumn in a grid, I cannot use the Ext.ux.Printer extensions print capabilities without encountering an error. This is tracable to the following call to the CheckColumn's...
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    He sent me an instant message after my first ever ExtJS contract terminated. Maybe he didn't realize how little experience I had? The only indication as to my ability at that point would have been...
  18. I agree as to how much better this works. To the extent that, I would like to see this made "sticky" at the top of one of these forum categories.
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    I disagree. Indeed, I got contacted by Abe Elias after just 2 months about a job possibility directly for ExtJS. But I had 10 years of Javascript going in. Maybe subtract a month off of 12 months...
  20. My first ever ExtJS gig last Jan-Mar was for a very conservative client, and if you worked for them, posted a thread using that language, and they found out, they'd have fired you. Anyway, you...
  21. Ok a mod got back to me when they read this, thats what I wanted.
  22. I think that maybe somebody at ExtJS should edit a post in another forum this morning where one user, with hundreds of posts, swore at another user, with fewer than 10 posts. I think this swearing...
  23. The following may actually be more current, found it by googling:
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    In my experience typically if FF is slower than IE at anything, its because I've left Firebug open.
  25. @caseyb: nice linking to another possibly helpful forum post, nice to see someone being such a nice community citizen in their first thread

    @carol.ext: very observant, I believe you are right!
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