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  1. i am also seeing rapid firing on keypress.
    I set the checkchangebuffer to 5000 and it helps but it still fires multiple times while I am typing.

    in my case I have a combo that is doing a remote...
  2. The problem expresses itself in the ZIndexManager

    the register Method calls onComponentHide which calls _activateLast()

    Which iterates the zIndexStack looking for the next floating component to...
  3. bump.
    After stepping through the code it looks like the button gets focus but some sort of click is being simulated that causes the window to get focus.

    There are delays that are making it hard...
  4. The fix for anyone with the same issue.

    Ext.define('Taco.overrides.grid.plugin.RowEditing', {
    override: 'Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing',

    // this is a fix for 4.2.2 remove this method...
  5. Can you tell me which file changed to fix this issue?
    Having trouble finding it in the nightly
  6. The escape key closes the menu flyout. then it should pass focus to the menu button.
    If the window has focus it will close when you hit the escape key.

    This is definitely a bug.
  7. In 4.2.1 hitting the enter key on a grid row opened the row editor.
    In 4.2.2 it does not open the row Editor

    See Ext Examples:!/example/restful/restful.html...
  8. See Example:

    Steps to repro:
    click menu button and then hit escape key
    click down arrow.

    Note that the menu opens again proving the button has regained...
  9. see example here:
    give the first column config an editor and it will be focused by default when the row editor opens
    remove it and the row editor gets focus...
  10. When opening the row editor either by enter key on selection of a row in the grid or by clicking on a cell that doesn't have an editor defined, the rowEditor opens but the first focusable field does...
  11. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Hitting the enter key when the cancel button has focus in the RowEditor does not cancel the edit.
  12. I ran into this as well:

    Tab panel containing:
    - regular panel
    - sub tab panel
    --- onActivate setItems( ... your tabs here ...)
    --- onDeactivate remove( ... your tabs here ...)

    When you...
  13. well I think I figured out the problem:

    It looks like It will load the file fine, but it throws an error if the class in...
  14. For clarification My folder structure:

    Things I have tried:

    'AF.desktop': '/af/js/source'

    Results in an error:
  15. I have an ext app that contains some reusable code that I would like to include in my sencha touch app.
    My ext app path is:

    My sencha touch app path is:

  16. this is a css only workaround:
    add this to a container that holds your fields:

    xtype: 'fieldset',
    cls: 'af-item-disabled',
  17. Adding it to a fieldset that contains the fields has no effect on the fields contained.
    Adding it to a specific field only effects the label and not the input.

    I can iterate the fields and set...

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 2.0.1 rev rc


    I am defining a custom css class for disabled fields in the field config.
    When the field.disable() is called.
  19. To anyone that's run into this issue, the workaround I have found that works is
    to make the history entries silent and just call the controller actions directly.

    var controller=...
  20. Sencha touch framework Version: 2.0.1-rc

    I have a list view with a back button.
    I am using routes/history in my main controller
    I have multiple pathways to this list panel, so the...
  21. yeah I noticed that.
    It worked in previous builds of touch 2 and it still works for containers. It just doesn't work for fields.

    Ext version tested:
    Touch 2.0.0

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome Latest

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  23. Thanks, that worked

    Ext.ClassManager.onCreated(function ()
    Ext.ComponentQuery.pseudos.hasCls = function (cmps, cls) {
    var len=cmps.length,
  24. I can't figure out how to add a pseudo method to Ext.ComponentQuery and there is nothing in the docs, code, or forums as a guide.

    Because of the dynamic loading, I cant add the method directly....
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