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  1. Thanks for your input mitchellsimoens. Can you provide me a sample which explains me usage of top document instead of Iframe, it will be helpful for me .

    Thanks & Regards,
    Kamesh Palani
  2. I'm trying to construct a component which contains panel in north, center & south region. I need a split bar for south region to split up & down.

    Below is the code which I've tried to achieve...
  3. Yes, If it is going to solve my issue.
    I have tried to achieve the same behaviour by using z-index, but couldn't figure out a solution from that. May be I did it wrongly.

    Thanks & Regards,...
  4. When the context menu description is larger than the width of the panel, white spaces are getting created on focus of the context menu

    1) I have a web page constructed in extjs 3.x & I have one of...
  5. I'm looking for an option which helps me to add tabpanel in header of a collapsible panel.

    My panel has properties mentioned below:

    xtype: 'panel',
  6. Hi,

    'containerclick' event is triggered even on GridPanel row/cell when clicked twice on row/cell. We are expecting this event to be triggered on any part of the grid body that is not covered by a...
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