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  1. Version on 4.0.7? :(
  2. Hi,

    Is It possible to change the background color or just mark certain dates dynamically, on date picker, so the user knows that those dates already have records.

    Don't disabled the dates, just...
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    This post is some how frustrating!

    But, some how I made It work for OpenOffice... for Excel still file corrupted :(
  4. Can you show me for a 4.0.7?
  5. Awesome!! Thank you!
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    Is there any example that could be close to MSN Messenger?

    Thank you
  7. While working with stores, I'm getting this error.

    I´ve noticed If I added this code on ext It went back to work fine.

    Ext.apply(, {

    stripRe: /[\$,%]/g,
  8. Well, I think I got It...

    I just took out the space on the query sentence, and It worked.
    var items = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('container[itemId=col-22]');
  9. I'm trying to query for a container with a certain 'itemId'.
    var items = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('container [itemId=col-21]');
  10. Hi,

    I was trying to migrate 4.0.x to 4.1, and I'm getting that error, does anybody can help me?

    Thank you.
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    Well, I had same problem. Thank for the solution! But I think is a bug.
  12. I'm currently working with some CRUDs on trees, and It doesn't matter if you have autoSync set to false. It launches the proxy.

    Here are problems so far:

    1- When you add childrens to the root. ...
  13. Any update on this?
  14. awww, ok thank you!
  15. Actually you are right! I think I really need a good example how to work with TreeStore, like I'm doing with data.Store. Adding, updating and deleting records local, then I sync the store remote.
  16. Hi I'm wondering If there's any example that you can play around local with TreeStore, adding, updating and removing records, and then after you click on a button let's say: Save, It syncs the store....
  17. Really nice example! ;)

    I'm trying to select the group as row select, let me know If you ever did something near this!
  18. I found one good example:

    Thank you, by the way! Pretty good!
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  20. Any luck on this?

    I need this as well. Thank you!
  21. I did some work around...

    on my TreeStore:
    beforeload: function()

    afterload: function()
  22. I attached an example, didn't update the github, since I did some modifications to work on local store for you to check it how it works.


    Hope It helps.
  23. You are right, I will add an example tonight!
  24. Ext.form.field.ComboChain extension
    I have found no extension of chained or linked combos, so I decided to create one.

    An extension of the combo class which provides to chain and link combos in a...
  25. Thanks for replies tho, discovered that the problem is only happening in firefox, safari it works perfectly!

    Must be a configuration on firefox, I'm doing some testing!
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