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  1. [INFOREQ] Sorry -- no. I've tried several times to...

    Sorry -- no. I've tried several times to reproduce the problem, but it defies demonstration.

    To the best of my knowledge, the sequence of what I did when I saw this earlier today was:

    1) drop...
  2. [INFOREQ] Only one rap on the nose w/ rolled newspaper,...

    Only one rap on the nose w/ rolled newspaper, then pet afterwards for forgiveness.
  3. [INFOREQ] BUG: Renaming view retains old name in the Application views []

    Using SA 2.2.1, Build 951

    Tried to rename a view from 'Passphrase' to 'PassphrasePopup'.

    SA added the new view to the app.js view:[] config, but failed to removed the reference to the old view....
  4. [OPEN] follow-up comment (and a question)

    1st -- I can confirm this problem also exists for us.

    BUT -- that's not really why I'm posting. I was just searching for an explanation of what the difference is between 'Controller Actions' and...
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    Thanks for the pointer. After playing around...

    Thanks for the pointer. After playing around further, I found this option. BUT -- there are others that do not offer the Object/String selector. For example if you add a displayfield component, and...
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    Style editor error in SA 2.2.1

    Recently upgraded to SA 2.2.1 Build 951

    While browsing around our project, we discovered an error in the syntax of our various style config elements. They must have always been there -- but the...
  7. Ok...figured out the problem The new version...

    Ok...figured out the problem

    The new version of SA requires the beta version of ext- It includes bug fix MVC (1)

    EXTJSIV-8217 Ext.application() breaks when config object contains...
  8. BUGS: Porting SA project -> 2.2.1 Build: 951

    Upgraded a project from 2.1 -> 2.2.1 Build: 951.

    After opening a project, it performed typical migration (and then the wheels feel off). Can no longer build a working project.

    1st, the new...
  9. [INFOREQ] SA 2.1 Crash -- Access violation reading location 0x00000eab.

    Experienced a unhandled exception crash in SA 2.1.0 today.

    We had just renamed an Ext.window.Window by changed it's userClassName and it's userAlias properties. The app crashed just as hit save. ...
  10. [DUP] I had zero problems! Also the Sencha patch was...

    I had zero problems!

    Also the Sencha patch was superior to the approach I took with my patch (of course...that's why they get the big bucks).
  11. [DUP] This issue is confirmed resolved in ExtJs 4.2...

    This issue is confirmed resolved in ExtJs 4.2 Sprint 2

  12. Fixed -- ExtJs 4.2 Sprint 2

    In case anyone runs into this same issue, I can confirm it is fixed in ExtJS 4.2 Sprint 2 which you can download as a Beta from...
  13. [DUP] First -- I appreciate your taking the time to...

    First -- I appreciate your taking the time to point out the DUPE to us. Much appreciated.

    But I must say, this is quite frustrating. We've spent three days tracking down a bug Sencha knew about in...
  14. [DUP] BUG FIX: src/tree/View.js (patch attached)

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.3
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 24.0.1312.57 m
    IE 8.0.6
    FF 18.0.2 (firebug 1.12.0a.2 installed)
    Safari 5.1.7
  15. SERIOUS BUG: reload of causes TypeError: 'null' is not an object (

    We are running ExtJS version 4.1.3

    We have an app that uses an Ext.panel.Tree with the store loaded from a remote Xml source. All seemed well during development. But we eventually realized there...
  16. Very nice! Thanks.

    Very nice! Thanks.
  17. Best way to remove some (more than 1 but less than all) records from a store

    We encounter this need often, but can never come up with the an elegant solution.

    Say we have a store with a bunch of records, that share some common values (for our example, let's say they were...
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  19. Cannot create a controller action for 'afteritemexpand' for Ext.tree.Panel

    Hi, first off -- sorry if this is a question already answered elsewhere in the forums -- but right now forum search appears to be inop (we have submitted a seperate report to Sencha webmaster...
  20. Followup

    I'd lost track of this thread, and forgot to cycle back with the solution. This site has a collection of really excellant best practices related to Extjs Models & Stores
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    How to use custom type in Model

    We'd like to define a custom and use this in our Model.

    We discovered a problem with the Boolean default type -- in that it is case sensitive. We discovered this while working with...
  22. [CLOSED] You're right (of course) But the fact that the...

    You're right (of course)

    But the fact that the current incarnation is case sensitive makes this a bit cumerbsome. For example, we have a model associated with an Ajax proxy. The server in this...
  23. [CLOSED] BUG: BOOL is casesensitive

    Models that include 'boolean' fields are either required to provide all lowercase boolean strings OR to write a convert() function for every field that uses boolean in their Model declarations.
  24. Why does Connect.setOptions() not allow parameters for method === 'DELETE' ?

    So, spent some time trying to make a very specific API/REST call using Extjs 4.1 today. This particular server side call require parameters be passed with DELETE.

    Discovered that...
  25. [DUP] tried that...

    Tried that. But the 'Ext.selection.CellModel' does not provide a cellclick event through SA. The only event available in SA that gets close to click is 'select'.

    We might have even run with that,...
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