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  1. @mitchellsimoens...

    Thanks for the reply. But how can determine the first click of the double click. click fires before the double click so using time i cannot stop the first click of the double click
  2. Extjs dataview click and double click event


    I have a problem in dataview where itemclick events fires twice on item double click. I want to use itemdblclick event too. Is there any way to prevent firing itemclick event when double click.
  3. Ext.ux.DataView.DragSelector issue when scroll

    I used Ext.ux.DataView.DragSelector to drag and multiselect my data view. When a scrollbar appear in the data view i cant select items while scrolling or dragging. So i cant select a area from the...
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    Grid paging scroller

    Can someone help me to add paging scroller to a grid. I able to add normal paging toolbar and its working. Now i want to add the new paging scroll. I follow the guide lines provided in the doc. But...
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