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    It doesn't make sense since the width is auto, and it is working.... =s
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    Set the height of the image to "auto".
  3. So, just to confir if I understand:
    I should have my NestedList in a store, with a sql proxy configurated to an websql.
    But when should the websql be populated from the json file?
    At start of the...
  4. Sorry, I didn't understand something. Should I use sqlite proxy to connect with the webSQL?
    I am trying to do a clean code.
  5. Thanks, I will try to use WebSQL. Does it work on mobile, after build native?
    Does it work on iOS and Android?
    I have read that the websql works only in the webkit.
    I dont know if the default...
  6. And I have another problem too.
    It is required to filter the NestedList.
    But to filter a 2.5mb store is realy slow. =s
  7. In the truth i don't like this idea. But I didn't find any othe way until now. =s
    Do you have some code's example for it?

    Or someone else has anyother idea?
  8. Hello, ~o)

    I am current having a problem with the size of the TreeStore's data.
    I am doing an App, that needs to show a tree in a NestedList.
    This data needs be show offline, so i built a json...
  9. No, I did not find a solution.
    There are lot of peaple with the same problem, but I even have reveced a feedback from Sencha about it.
    I really hope some one could come here to help. =s
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    So, no solution? =s
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    I have added the screenshots:


    First, we open the app:

    Than we tap the address bar:
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    I am using Sencha Touch, and not Ext 4.
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    Wrong Viewport Height on Android
    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Default from Android 3.6

    When executing the app from the Android's...
  14. I think the Ext.device.Camera does not work in Web Apps.

    But, the <input type="file" accept="image/*"></input> works!
    I have tested it.

    The only problem is to custom it.
    I would like to know...
  15. You could try to use a Loader while changing the page
  16. Hello,

    I am working in an app where I need to take a picture (using the cellphone camera, when it exists).
    What I want to do: Create a button, that when clicked, open the Camera, take a picture,...
  17. Thanks,

    I have already solved this. I tried build production and debug at browser.
    The error was a requires missing (this just throw a warning in dev mode).
  18. Hello,

    I had build my app for native iOS (or even for the iOSEmulator), and my app is stopping at the loading screen:


    When I build for Android all works fine.

    If I run the app at...
  19. There aren't success or failure at proxy. Not at the documentation, at least.
  20. I am using 2 types of proxies in my app:

    I am using JSONP proxies in the Stores:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
  21. Didn't find a solution yet =s
  22. I use store when I want to load data.... but I want to Save data now.
    So I should use in the model.

    I want to use:
    var p = Ext.create('Person', { nome: 'Xereta', description: 'cool guy' });...
  23. It's a problem I had found:
    If I use Ajax proxy with writer type json.... it's not possible to cross-domain....

    If I use Jsonp proxy and writer type json... I got an error.... Jsonp does not...
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