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  1. Simulator too. iOS and Android.
    We have used the same approach on one of our office projects at
  2. Op! My mistake, I'm sorry. Code is now there.

    Key things are:

    1. The db is included into the cordova/www/db/Chinook.sqlite. Putting it there will include it into the files that will be included...
  3. I have used this plugin

    And I have made a lab app that includes your test case here

    Any question,...
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    And are you TOTALLY sure your main container has a child with the given id??
    This does not have to be the reason but I usually use "down" function instead of "child" for this purposes.
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    I think you need to remove the simple quotes from the first main, the one on the left side, it should be like this:

    refs: {
    main : 'main',
  6. You object has to properties: an array of objects (records) and a "sub-object" (strings). List component is mean to be used with collections of data, I'm not pretty sure how but it seems like the...
  7. It works fine, I've used it on forms and lists, but I think you will need to be more specific on your question.
    Any specific use case??
  8. Good to know, thanks.
  9. This is very weird, and by the way, this makes the show/hide events completely unuseful.
    Does not make any sense to me that "fire the hide event when a component is been shown is the expected...
  10. Edit: I decide to try to keep this conversation here:
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    Mmm good question, let me scratch some code to see what can I do for you
  12. Thank YOU @riyaad to help keeping the order in the forum :D
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    The Container class does not have a "tap" event either, check this!/api/Ext.Container

    And now that I'm getting a better idea about what you are trying to do, I...
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    I think its because the list itself does not have a "tap" event. I think you need to "listen" the "itemtap" event instead, but that depends on what are you trying to do.
  15. The problem is you are inheriting from "Ext.Base" which does not have the "fireEvent" method. You need to inherit from "Ext.mixin.Observable" which is the "highest" class in the framework hierachy...
  16. The previous post is the right answer.

    Remember mark useful posts as answers in order to help other developers.
  17. If you are already including your store in the application stores (as we talked before) you don't need to create a new one, the Sencha Touch framework already have created a "GeoLocation" store for...
  18. Oh, my mistake. The correct line is:

    Ext.StoreManager.get('your store id here');
  19. Try something like this:

    var store = Ext.StoreManager('GeoLocationStore');
    store.add({ { userlat: -1234, userlong: 4321, address: "addresstwo" } });

    Oh, just for the record. This works...
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    What's the error??
  21. It seems like this is not working on the new ST 2.3.

    Anybody know something about this??
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    Check this
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    It's working for me.
  24. I had the same problem and the proposed workaround worked well. Thanks to the people who came out with the fix that fast.

    @JRS remember each SenchaTouch app has its "own copy" of the framework so...
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    We want to see some code! :)
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