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    [FIXED] Looking forward to this fix as well!

    Looking forward to this fix as well!
  2. +1, undo seems to crap out quite often while...

    +1, undo seems to crap out quite often while working in the code editor. Can't find a pattern, but the undo will start/continue working in other windows. Best workaround I've found is to save often...
  3. [OPEN] +1 I'm seeing this as well...thought it might be...

    +1 I'm seeing this as well...thought it might be running out of memory or something, but it's inconsistent in that regard. My environment is similar Ubuntu 12.04

  4. I'm in the exact same place. Have Codaxy basic,...

    I'm in the exact same place. Have Codaxy basic, use Sencha Architect, trying to get it all to play nice. Any new discoveries?
  5. [FIXED] Mixins via Override?

    I'm trying to add mixins via an override so that I can create functionality similar to the ImageViewer example (my app is a workflow engine, the icons are workflow nodes). I have not found a way to...
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    Is there anyway to add mixins via the override? ...

    Is there anyway to add mixins via the override? My code works if simply add the following to the generated class.

    mixins: { dragSelector: 'Ext.ux.DataView.DragSelector',
  7. Workaround

    As a workaround, I took the rsync command line that is displayed in the dialog and along with the "fileschanged" tool (linux only) wrote a little bash script that keeps things synced all the time...
  8. Deploy Usability Enhancement - Feature Request

    It would be nice to have
    1. A configuration option to automatically save on deploy. (save a ctrl+s, or click)
    2. Set helpful focus on dialogs for keyboard control during deploy.
    A. Focus on...
  9. [INFOREQ] ControllerAction Target missing Action Column Items?

    When I go to add a handler to my controller for an Action Column Item, in Step 2 where you Choose a target type, I am not able to find anything that looks like it would cover an Action Column Item. ...
  10. Separate Visual Functional Design Properties - Feature Request

    This is a little hard to explain in brief so I'll describe a couple of scenarios.

    I'm working on a tab panel in design view and save the project with the second tab selected. When I export my...
  11. [NOREPRO] Double click on TabPanel in Accordion Layout causes crash

    Drag a window onto the design canvas, set layout to accordion. Add a tab panel to the window. Double click on the table panel header, as if to set a title (it appears blank). An unexpected error...
  12. [CLOSED] That it does, thanks!

    That it does, thanks!
  13. [CLOSED] Design/Code Mode Selection Usability Enhancements(Feature Request)

    It would be nice if when you clicked on an item in the Project Inspector that does not have a visual representation, that the editor would immediately enter the code view. Currently, the previous...
  14. I was having this problem after moving a project...

    I was having this problem after moving a project into the new Sencha Architect tool. I had to go in to the application config and add the stores to the application to make the errors go away. I'm...
  15. [CLOSED] Deployment Configuration Error/Warning? (Feature Request)

    Would it be possible to add a warning about this deployment path limitation? Right now relative paths are accepted and it even appears to deploy without any errors, though the files are not copied. ...
  16. Select newly added item in Project Inspector (Feature Request)

    When a new item is added in the project inspector via the "+" button it would be nice if that item was selected in the inspector so that properties could immediately be set.
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    Menu default width not necessary

    Adding a menu results in a default width property of 120. This is often too narrow and removing the property entirely seems to work well in all cases.
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    [FIXED] Floating Windows Issue

    Present in 1.2.1-27 as well as 1.2.0.

    Add a window, set floating:true, image of window persists (even after removing float property) until designer is restarted.
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    Update for ExtJS 4

    It looks like refOwner is no longer supported so I've replaced it with ownerCt.

    * Replaces a component with another, preserving the original config
    * @param {Component} newComponent...
  20. Potential Fix/Bug?

    I don't know if this will help at all, but I just noticed that in my design if the Tree Panel rootVisible property is checked, the tree won't show in the designer preview. It also won't show in the...
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    [CLOSED] ahh, thanks! The workaround I found is the...

    ahh, thanks! The workaround I found is the actual solution!
  22. OK. I finally figured out what was happening. It...

    OK. I finally figured out what was happening. It ended up being a simple pathing problem with the ext loader. I have my app located under /js/myappname/ so I needed to add an appFolder:...
  23. [FIXED] New Component - Tree View - TypeError: 'null' is not an object

    1) Create a new 4.0 project.
    2) Create a new component and pick Tree View.

    Receive an unexpected error: TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  24. Tree Panel Issues

    I was able to get data to show in the Designer, by adding fields to the JsonTreeStore tree. I added: text, cls, collapsed, and children. Just adding 'text' was enough to get it to display.

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    Potential Solution

    You might want to try quoting the value...


    rather than

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