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  1. Linux Mint 14 - Ubuntu 12

    We find that the 64 bit version starts OK but whenever we try to open a file dialog it fails silently
    Current workaround is to install the 32 bit system libraries on the 64 bit machine and then...
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    Problem importing button

    Hi - Would appreciate any comment on the following
    Steps to reproduce
    Create new project
    Create new tool category
    Drag a button on to the canvas
    Add the button to the tool box
    The new...
  3. Connecting architect based app via ExtDirect based PHP/MySQL connection

    Hi All!
    We are trying to create a simple grid CRUD to MySQL using ExtDirect in Architect2. Thing is it doesn't seem apparent how to make the connection between the ExtJs datastore and the PHP page...
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    Thanks both

    Thanks very much both -- that really does help. We'll share this with a few others in our group who are a bit puzzled also.
    Kind regards and thanks again
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    Simple HTML Update

    Hi All!
    We have been looking at the output files from the designer and notice that the ready event only occurs in the index.js file -- a file which is overwritten.

    Does anyone know the designer...
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