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  1. [INFOREQ] Workaround

    I had a detailed explanation of the cause for this and workaround, but it did not make it through the forum 'spam' filter / moderation (moderators, hello?).

    I will repeat in short so that people...
  2. [INFOREQ] Cause & workaround

    I now believe that these issues is caused by a recently introduced chrome feature, 'Force enable touch events'. I found the description of this new feature, introduced Aug '12, here.

    The good news...
  3. [INFOREQ] Blocker for us

    ... this is a blocker for us in using Sencha Touch on large surface / table solutions. Any info at all?

    Repro'ed on Sencha Touch 2.1.1 + Chrome 24
  4. Java & Groovy scriptlets

    Here are a couple scriptlets, one in Java/JSP using the Jackson JSON parser, and one Groovy/GSP using the built in Grails parser. Both take a single parameter, extPath set to the location of the ext...
  5. Replies

    Are undocumented features deprecated?

    Should features that are not documented but appear in the code be considered deprecated? For example the Ext.Ajax.request 'el' config id'ing the element to fill with response does not appear in the...
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