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  1. Ext.form.ComboBox filter store items - Dynamically

    How can I filter a ComboBox list of Items using the Filter method or doQuery() with pattern RegExp matching?

    Is it possible to use the filter method to filter out unwanted items like:
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    Ext Localization help

    I have searched the forums, but I haven't found any threads regard this.

    I'm using ExtJs 2.0.1 & ASP.NET on the server side.
    I would like to change the Datefield's localization to reflect the...
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    Hey mlavender, I'm in the same situation. I...

    Hey mlavender,

    I'm in the same situation. I to would like the Ext calendar to be displayed/formatted based on the region that the user is in. Have you ever found a solution to this problem?
  4. Yes, I've search for .NET & Nested FORM Elements...

    Yes, I've search for .NET & Nested FORM Elements but didn't find any results.

    var formPanel;

    formPanel = new Ext.FormPanel({
    labelAlign: 'top',
  5. Error when rendering a FormPanel within an ASP.NET page

    HELP!!!, I am having major problems when I try to render a simple FormPanel to an ASP.NET Page.
    I am using the exact code from the "Loading/Saving a Dynamic Form using XML" sample located on the...
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    How to Display a Grid in a popup?

    Can someone please help. I am new to ExtJs and have been struggling with trying to display a grid in a popup. When a user clicks a button, I'm performing an AJAX call to retrieve some data that I...
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