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  1. Hi !

    Much thanks, i'll study this deeply!


  2. Hello !

    I've made a ext app some years ago, based on borderlayout and other panels and tabs.

    What I try to achive for my next app is, to make the app configurable from its startup link. If a...
  3. Hi !

    I am just planning and checking, if I could use Ext charts. So I tried
    the example provided in the download :
    [ /ext- ]. This is in the
  4. Hi !

    I am planning to use ext charts to show live data. These are performance data
    coming from several sources and they update each second. The ext demo
    in the download dies after an hour. This...
  5. Hi !

    Sorry for my late reply, just got ill!

    And you gave me the right pointer!!! Thats happen often to mee, that I oversee, which
    type to pass :-(

    Anyway, that helps a lot, much, much...
  6. Hello !

    Ok, thanks for your tip :)

    I am looking with Firebug to the generated markup and saw, that the TBAR would have
    exactly the position, I need. But my HTML is not accepted, the result of:...
  7. Hello !

    I am using a panel in a TabPanel and everythings works fine, except the
    style, I apply to the body:

    bodyStyle: 'background-image:url(/App/H2.png) !important',

  8. Hello !

    I create a new panel inside the TabPanel by script and apply the following config:

    headerCfg: { tag: 'div', html: 'hello', cls: 'extraMB' },
    header: true,

    Even looking...
  9. Hello !

    Much thanks! This gave me a little more insight for my next steps!
    Astoundingly, a ".fcous(false, 50" did the trick for me. It is not in
    the :-( but found it somewhere.
  10. Hi All !

    The best for me would be an article, which explains forms in detail [no books please:These omit
    these things completely {I have two} ]. I cannot find one and reading the docs all the...
  11. Hi All !

    After a long search about my problem with "MetaGrid", I found this thread here and think, this is the competent location to ask (what I already did in...
  12. Hi,

    and thanks all!

    I got a bit confused this morning and accidentally lost my own track ....
    It is NOT the store, it is the MetaGrid, I am using
    (see here:...
  13. Hi !

    Sorry, I cannot help, I am afraid. I found, that the most things - so far I understand this all right - are not really available "out of the box".

    I am just on the trip to use the MetaGrid...
  14. Hi All !

    I am trying to find a way to use the "MetaGrid" with a jsonstore, which is already loaded. Because my data stems from another ajax-call, I am filling the jsonstore via the "loadData(..)"...
  15. Hello !

    I am answering my own question ... [completely ???] ....

    As for my astounding, the "MetaGrid" needs another plugin [which is inside the sample]. I THOUGHT, this is the usual plugin. So,...
  16. Hello !

    I ma making my first EditorGrid and got a checkcolumn working in the grid. But my setting for "editable: False" are ignored!

    My column is:

    var checkColumn1 = new...
  17. Hi !

    I try to fill a jsonStore programmatically. But my data is a part form another json result and I try to fill my jsonStore like this:

    var data = /* string like in json result; not shown,...
  18. Hi All !

    I am making my first steps using "MetaGrid" [rudimentary two column grid configured from metadata]. But if I add a checkcolumn, my store throughs an exception [object object][In IE+FF]:(....
  19. Hi !

    Sorry, no one answered that for me and the problem - with the given sample - just exists.
    This was on my early lerning phase and I used other way, but I do not remember [soory, it's about a...
  20. Replies
    Hello !

    Much thanks, especially for the second link. I have had the first one, but was not able to find a [reproducable] *.js file for it.

    Thanks, I can start now!

  21. Replies
    Hi All !

    I searched the forums [especially the "User extensions and plugins"] for a proper version of the "MetaGrid", but cannot find it. I am finding a countless number of variants for it, but...
  22. Hi !

    Oooopss, just new to me ! I normally look into the local docs, but these don't have the "ux" node, you pointed out!!!:)

    Thanks you very much for your increditable help!!!:D
    I'll look, how...
  23. Hello !

    After a long time to make my first editable grid, I feel a little mad.

    From my experience, I would suggest to enhance the grid:

    - allow creation of editors from meta-data
    - provide...
  24. Hi !

    You pointed me really into the right direction.

    ;)BTW:Instead of :

    col.setEditor(eval(f.editor)) //no such method.
  25. Hello !

    Very, very good! You ar a genious and I thank you very much!!

    This is nearly exact, what I need!!!

    Best regards,
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