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  1. We have a window where header is not provided, that is, window has header:false.

    But we need to make this window draggable.

    Thus, how could a window be made draggable by its body?

    Thanks for...
  2. Thanks for sharing the solution Zdeno. Works all fine.
  3. We are using Ext.grid.RowNumberer for displaying a number at each record in a grid.

    We have a button 'ADD' using which user can add a new row in the grid (using row editor) at index 0 in the grid....
  4. Thanks Scott. But could you please elaborate that what are you referring to through -
  5. Thanks for the post @friend.

    The code works perfectly, but unfortunately, when we change the readOnly status of field using setReadOnly(true/false) then the tabIndex still stays as -1 and field is...
  6. Currently if in a form, a field is marked as readOnly:true, then a user can focus at it though its value can not be modified.

    This leads to an issue when user is navigating using tab key.

  7. Replies
    We have been facing issues with validator config of form fields.

    We asked two questions related to this but unfortunately could not receive any guidance:
  8. Following is a case where a form has two children as combo-boxes.

    Both the combos are having a validator function which is called on blur.

    The issue is, when the form loads, then by default,...
  9. No takers for this? Is this not currently feasible?

    Any help anyone?
  10. Thanks for the post Sword-It.

    We updated the code as per your suggestion. But the result is still the same. The scrollbar does not appear still as shown in the attached screenshot.

  11. We have a case as following:

    1. There is a Form inside a Window.

    2. If Window Width is increased, then Form Width and its Fields Width should also increase.

    3. If Window Width is decreased,...
  12. Thanks for the post Farish.

    This is exactly what we are doing, that is, currently we first insert blank records and then we update them so that the red flag appears. But we were just wondering...
  13. Below is test case in which new records are getting added to grid.

    For adding these records, there is button - Add. In the handler of the button, model instances are created and inserted in the...
  14. Sure. Thanks again for all the help.
  15. We have a grid in which we want to allow user to change the order of records.

    For this, we are using dragNdrop and also have provided buttons - Move Up and Move Down - which remove and insert...
  16. Thanks for the post Skirtle. You are truly a "Jewel in the rough".

    Also, article suggested for further reading is brilliant.

    But just a small doubt, is it correct to add things to prototype,...
  17. Thanks for the reply Skirtle.

    If this is the case, then could you please guide that what is the best way to add a new property to a class so that such a conflict does not arise?

    Thanks for the...
  18. As a test case I have extended the textfield and created a class - Ext.mine.TextParent with xtype as textParent.

    This class is further being extended by two other classes -...
  19. If I understand your question properly, then you want to access your grid panel in the load event of your store.

    If this is correct, then you can do this by assigning an id to your grid and...
  20. Thanks Evant. But with your solution, still the form is falling towards left and is not having any effect as shown in the attached screenshot.

  21. Thanks Evant.

    Below is a test case (assuming you will include the file for, in which a panel is getting dynamically added to a tab panel on click of a button.

  22. Thanks for the posts Sword-It and Evant.

    @Sword-Id: You have really made things very clear. Thanks.

    @Evant: I was actually under the same impression that we don't need to call doLayout() after...
  23. Thanks for the reply Scott.

    Assuming that the id of main tab panel is 'mainTabId' and that of the child panel is 'panelId', thus, could you please guide at following:

    1. .Should I call...
  24. Thanks Evant, will put this up and test.
  25. In our application, we have a tabpanel in which we are adding/removing the panels dynamically.

    The panels get added at the click of a menu item by the following code in menu handler:

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