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  1. Thanks for the replay fmoseley. Turns out cordova.js was listed in app.json twice. I had removed cordova support and added it back in at some point, and it must have added the cordova.js requirement...
  2. Has anyone else come across this?
  3. I have an app in which I am using Ext.device.Connection. I'm trying to use this to check for an active connection before submitting a request. When I do a native build using Cordova, the call to...
  4. I just updated to CMD and, after completly removing Cordova support, and re-adding, this seems to have resolved my issue
  5. I'm trying to build an app on Android using the Cordova integration with the Geolocation plugin.


    <feature name="Geolocation">
    <param name="android-package"...
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    I've been playing around with Ext Direct, trying to get some basics up and running, and I cannot figure out how to get a TreeStore working correctly. I keep getting the following error :

  7. Drindal any luck? I'm getting the same error. Works fine if I create a store and use the "syncstorage" proxy, but I can't seem to get it to work as a Model proxy
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    I think I am in the same boat as sbruck. I'm getting the same error regarding index.html, and I've tried playing around with the certificatePassword, tried different variations of those config...
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