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  1. Thanks Vietits, I am searching but i can not find good tutorial about meta data.meta change property.Can you provide the url for the same.
  2. Yes vitits grid.reconfigure(store ,columns[]) I want to know how can i get gridcolumns value from json and by these values make grid columns and pass to the reconfigure method.

    Thanks in advance
  3. Hi all ,

    I have a store as below.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    alias: 'widget.tempPartiesRelations',
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    Hello Lukas,
    Thanks for your help. As you suggested i am sending my column names in a json .I want to use grid.reconfigure(store,column[]) .Can you please suggest me how to get the columns from json...
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    Hello Lukas,

    The grid will be updated with all columns is the data source .Is there any way so that we can restrict the column according to our convention
  6. Thnx Vietits your suggestion work's .You are a genious.Thanx alot
  7. yes you are right
  8. Hi All, i have a Ext 4 js Grid as below.I have implemented editable plugin in it to change the cells values of the grid.

    Ext.define('tpsyndev.view.filedatapreview', {
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