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  1. Hi.

    I'm wrapping my applications inside Cardova (PhoneGap). It requires special file to grant access to native device API.

    For Android devices I need to load and for iOS...
  2. You can use this controller as an example:

    Ext.define('iCoordinator.controller.TimeController', {
    extend: '',

    config: {
    views: [
  3. You are right, when navigationView is used separately (I tried it myself) - everything works well. But my bug appears if I put this navigationView inside other Container. I my case it is this...
  4. Hi.

    When there is no additional buttons added to navigationBar of navigationView - everything is working well. I also works well if title is short. But when title is cut - there are problems with...
  5. Any updates on this?
  6. In there was no such bug, but in 2.1 it appeared. isPainted() method of DataView returns false and load mask doesn't apper.
  7. Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.250[INF] init-properties:
    [INF] init-sencha-command:
    [INF] init:
    [INF] -before-app-build:
    [INF] app-build-impl:
    [INF] testing:
    [INF] ...
  8. Hi, this is not what I was talking about. Mapping data when you load it works well. Mapping doesn't work for idProperty, when it is updated. Try to modify your example:

  9. Mapping is not applied to idProperty of the model.

    Here is how id field of the model declared:

    config: {
    idProperty: 'id',
    fields: [
  10. Proxy writer tries to apply date formatting for the model field with type "date" even if value of this field = null.

    Here is how model field declared:

    name: 'dateCompleted',
  11. It looks like new Sencha CMD v3 doesn't work well with update feature. I guess, that updating SDK manually may cause problems:

    This is what I get when try to update SDK to 2.1.0-RC2 version:

  12. Sorry for incorrect title of this bug. This bug is in latest release available for download -
  13. In method writeDate should be modified.

    Not it is:

    writeDate: function(field, date) {
    var dateFormat = field.dateFormat || 'timestamp';
  14. In method writeDate should be modified.

    Not it is

    writeDate: function(field, date) {
    var dateFormat = field.dateFormat || 'timestamp';
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